Thursday, July 23, 2009

VOLVO & Cikgu Mohd Nor Abd Ghani

This VOLVO (pic above or any VOLVO model kotak ni...) reminds me of my primary school English Teacher - Teacher Mohd Nor Abd. Ghani. When i was 10, he's about 30++, by now he should be around 70-y-o (never met him for more than 25 years!!! - after leaving primary - moga ada umur panjang)...He was the only teacher in the school who drove Volvo (his was Yellow Volvo - like DiGi colour), the rest were either Peugeot, Ford Escort, Volkswagon or Vespa (Proton lom ader...)

He often used his Volvo to ferry us (footbal players) for MSSD Tournament or friendly. And the words he blurted out when we accidently (read: purposely) slammed his car door closed --- excuse me, don't slam hard the door. This is Volvo ok. You know how much is Volvo car?

I will remember you forever, sir. Will remember you always (esp. bila nampak Volvo kotak ni...)Btw, how much was Volvo during late 70s / early 80s, sir???

(And for Hanis, Hanif, Hanaa --- sentiasalah hadiahkan semua Cikgu-cikgu yang ajar kita Al-Fatihah.)


Tirana said...

Volvo sekarang dah semakin canggih...cikgu2 saya di kampung dulu kebanyakannya naik motor aje..yang naik basikal pun ada..hehehe..teringat seorang mengajar naik basikal tua..dah meninggal pun dia..moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat oleh Allah.

tajudin said...

tahun berapa tu yek? cikgu saya yang koman-koman pun dah naik kapcai @ vespa...