Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Semua Sudah Go Blog! Thanks 4 d Support

late last night, masa minum2 kat pelita, my good buddy asked, apa itu BLOG? (apa itu blog? blog ni a noun or a verb?... ha ha.. blog pun tak tau ke...? remember the tactic - ask b4 being asked?) another friend sent email to me -- wah semua orang sudah go-blog! -- he wrote, and linked me to Kamus Jawa.
i know what he meant. Go Blog (English) if we pronounce jadi orang Jawa punya bahasa -- goblok -- which means-- bodoh (stupid).

Refer web kamus Jawa-Melayu ini

and scroll down to ABJAD G.

all of a sudden, all people go blog now! he he Entah lah..

gift + skill

DON'T ever follow SATAN - neVeR!!! (i & ii) - (Kisah Tragis)

selepas 5 hari berkahwin (!), si isteri baru sedar yang suaminya ada perangai buruk yang teruk! suaminya selalu kencing atas katil semasa tidur... si isteri dah tak tahan kerana setiap pagi bau hancing kuat di dalam bilik. Tambahan pula dia yang terpaksa basuh cadar setiap hari! si isteri pun terpaksa tegur suaminya.

isteri berang -- apa masalah abang ni, tiap-tiap malam kencing dalam mimpi, apa ke heh nyerr!

suami selamba -- darling, tiap-tiap malam abang bermimpi teruk! dalam mimpi, syaitan suka datang jumpa abang.
isteri berang -- apa syaitan dok buat kat abang?

suami selamba -- dalam mimpi abang, syaitan datang dan ajak abang jalan-jalan & bersiar-siar. tempat yang abang lawati sangatlah indah dan cantik. dah lama berjalan tu, abang terasa nak kencing. syaitan ni pun tunjukkan le toilet yang baik dan cantik. abang pun apalagi, kencing le kat dalam toilet tu...
isteri berang -- dah tau asyik nak terkencing je, kenapa ikut syaitan jalan-jalan!!!!!

selepas hari ke-7, si isteri dapat satu idea (suaminya masih lagi kencing malam!!!)

isteri berangan -- abang, sayang tengok syaitan suka sangat ajak abang jalan-jalan. apa kata malam ni, bila jumpa syaitan, abang jangan mintak nak pi toilet untuk kencing.

suami ceria -- habis, darling nak suruh abang minta apa?

isteri berangan -- abang cakap kat syaitan, malam ni abang tak mau pi toilet. tapi abang cakap kat syaitan tu, abang nak jadi kaya, abang nak emas!!!

suami ceria -- ok!

malam tu, dalam tidur si suami mimpi jumpa syaitan, dan ajak si suami berjalan-jalan...

suami lurus -- syaitan, malam ni aku tak mau pi toilet...

syaitan -- awat nyerr... habis hang mau apa?

suami lurus -- ni bini aku pesan ni, kalau jumpa hang jangan mintak nak pi toilet lagi...

syaitan -- awat lagu tuuu, hangpa suami isteri mau apa?

--(tajudin: maaf, saya mencelah, syaitan ni bukan asal kedah/penang ye... orang kedah/penang jangan le marah pulak...kebetulan je ni..hangpa jangan le dok boikot blog aku ni...)--

suami lurus -- bini aku pesan, suruh minta kat syaitan emas banyak-banyak...

syaitan -- oooo, baik baik. hang dah tak mau pi toilet noooo, tak pe tak pe. hangpa nak kaya, meh ikut aku pi bukit emas.

syaitan pun tunjukkan sebongkah emas yang berkilat bersinar yang kalau dijual berharga million million dollar!

suami lurus -- yahooo! pakcik kayaaaa!

syaitan -- kawanku yang baik, hang ambil lah bongkah emas ni bawak balik, dan share le sama bini hang...

suami lurus -- ooo syaitan, thank you thank you! you are my best friend!

syaitan -- ok bro, aku chiow dulu...

si suami ni pun apalagi - cubalah mengangkat bongkah emas pemberian syaitan itu. sedaya upaya dia angkat. memang berat. al-maklumlah - emas! berat betul. tapi oleh kerana tak de orang lain kat situ, terpaksalah dia buat sorang-sorang!

angkat punya angkat punya angkat.....

sampai lah dia terkencing, terkincit dan terberak!!!! (maaf, bahasa kurang elok..)



abangggggggggggggggg!!! bangunnnnnnn!!!!!! bau apa ni... ya Allah, yang abang terberak terkencing atas katil ni buat apa!!!!!!!!!!! &^%&*!@$%%*!!!

moral: tengok tu, camana syaitan punya ranjau... jauhkan diri kita semua daripada di"kencing" syaitan!!!
(cerita di atas tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup & mati)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DSA2008 and AirAsia c*R*a*S*H*

DSA 2008 ended last Thursday. Not many of us had the opportunity to visit due to among others (1) don't know the event - not enough publicity (2) no interest (3) no time (4) no extra money to buy ticket (no free ticket leee bla bla bla...&^%#!@)
Never mind, we're lucky enough to have a friend who keeps everything updated on DSA and defence industry. Below are pic from DSA - click here for more!

Many of us fly with AirAsia. A few of my friends are still attached to AirAsia (stewardess ke?). Some are involved in airline industry while most have moved on (but, keep updating themselves)...we do keep in touch.

Share some pic on AirAsia c-r-a-s-h >>> more story here. Good article, Tzy Wen!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Harimau Ku Tidak Bertaring Lagi! (sajak)


Apakah lambang kepahlawanan
Menyerlahkan kejaguhan
Wira perkasa

Jiwa penjajah diserap
Jari telunjuk dituruti
Panduan jelas disepak ke tepi

Pemimpin pada kuasa
Orang kampung pada tanah
Perempuan pada anak
Si kaya pada harta
Helang pada mata
Gagak pada paruh
Si cantik pada tubuh badan

Harimau ku tidak bertaring lagi
Kucing pun sudah mulai mengaum


Andy & Flop Poppy - BRAVO!

bro & team, your unplugged showtime was very excellent!! you guys're really talented! i know it's very difficult to play unplugged - besides the team individual skills, unplugged concert also need to be backed-up by quality sound (and support system). to be frank, i enjoyed listening to your unplugged version.

btw, my "unplugged" preference still goes to M.Nasir and Nirvana, they are superb!

love our precious babies

Last night we took our maid to SJMC (for her diarrhea – she vomits and purges – hope ok by today).

And, guess what! Met Maria Tunku Sabri (TV3 host for Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan) and Jeyna (my x-office mate) together with their babies… Chitchatted with Jeyna for a while, updating each other on almost everything happened for the past 2 years (in 15 minutes! …Ni hao ma..).

Maria and Jeyna, hope your babies get well soon and take good care of them!
(…and me too, shall take good care of our maid (almost 8 years with us)).

Saturday, April 26, 2008

kids and cartoons

my son asked me point blank -- can a cat and a dog get married? ….blinked and i tried to be seen “my father knows everything”.

you watch too much Cat-Dog kartun! (I posed a question back to him) if a cat were to marry a dog, do you know what will happen? (--should you have no exact answer, why don't try this tactic huh--). They will quarrel! Yes exactly, they will quarrel everyday and one will be killed! Perrhhh…

i often watch CatDog, Sin Chan, Doreamon and other kids programs, but I don’t give full concentration (ye ke…entah-entah you yang lebih...). We may realize that the kids learn more from the story than the moral behind it. That's why we need to join them watching cartoons (ha ha ha.. don’t forget to tell your wife that you feel deeply regret – can’t join and help her to clean the room(s) or kitchen or toilet or aircond etc etc) time to educate our children…..sit together with them (..your favourite cartoon is on air now..!) -- and try to explain that this is not good, that one is really bad attitude, don’t do that, don’t believe that and don’t imagine you can be Ninja Turtle or Detective Conan!

Like what happened this afternoon, he asked me, where can we get krabbypatties (did I spell it correct?) and krustykrab?

So, Burger King – these should be your new products!

Friday, April 25, 2008

@enstek city, sepang

After Friday prayer, I went to Bandar Baru Enstek and had privileged to view its “Rimba” show house, to be officially launched this Sunday 27 April 2007.

“Rimba” of Enstek is the latest residential development by TH-Properties.

In conjuction with the launch, Enstek will be having a family carnival which includes futsal game, exhibition, lucky draw and a concert by celebrities (including Misha Omar and Adibah Noor). The event, scheduled to open by 11.30 am, is expected to end by 6.30 pm. All are invited to view “Rimba” and to participate in the family carnival.

Click here to see the exact location. (Enstek is next to F1 Circuit, Sepang. From t-junction (to Bandar Salak Tinggi and Bandar Sepang/Bagan Lalang/PD), you can see Enstek)

“Rimba” has a very unique nice design. TH is selling somewhere around RM280,000 (intermediate/free hold with land size 26’x80’ & built-up 2,320 sqft). Do you think “Rimba” is a good buy? You have to see it and feel it, for details, you may call/email Pn. Rosmah Mahmood – orang kuat TH-Properties’ Brand, Marketing & Communication at 017-3895491 /

OK, see you all on Sunday @ Enstek Sepang. Below are some photos snapped during the preview today. (Pn. Rosmah - tqvm!)

RIMBA to be launched this Sunday



taman dalam rumah (belakang/kanan)
actually dalam master bedroom,
the toilet applies "open concept" - yahooo.....

taman dalam rumah (belakang/kiri)
dekat dengan kitchen, toilet & bilik (maid)

yang ni cantik & unik!

Sooner or Later

today is my 3rd Friday as blogger.

as we are aware, our daily life brings us closer to our end - that is our death. it will come after us, anytime at anywhere. our grave, no matter we like it or not, is waiting for us. all will die - no exception. there is no way one can escape - no dispute.

Every soul shall have a taste of death in the end to Us shall you be brought back. Al-Ankabut:57

we are moving to the next phase – alam barzakh / alam akhirat (eternity). and, what awaits us, only Allah knows best. we shall meet our Creator, together with our good deeds -- the ONLY asset we can take with us (shall keep this in mind). let's seek His forgiveness. and, may Allah bestow His mercy and blessings upon all of us.

Private Jet For Sale!

Any taker for this 1977 Learjet, only RM5.8 million.

Tzy Wen, thanks!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Update: Thursday 24, 6.25pm

The surgery has been put on hold. The doctor’s final check prior to the surgery had found positive improvement to his hernia. It means his current condition is OK without surgery.

I know he made a few visits to our village “doctor” (ha ha dukun le…..tukang urut!). But I’m not so sure whether this doctor’s deep massage therapy has helped him “back to normal”.
If yes, let’s visit the nearest tukang urut and do overhaul to our body….
Tomorrow, my elder brother will go in for hernia surgery at Hospital Pakar Muar. I pray all will go fine and hope you too, to join me.

At first, I don’t have any knowledge about hernia, but based on the conversation with him (after his frequent consultations with specialist/doctor) it seems that hernia can occur to all, male and female & also to kids (with the ratio 9 (male) to 1). Among factors that contribute to hernia include family history (hereditary -- aaahhh), premature birth (born too soon – sooner than normal/expected), job/occupation (due to long standing and/or heavy physical work), chronic cough (due to smoking) and chronic constipation, and excess weight.

Insya-Allah, will help my family and children to reduce hernia’s contributing factors, except that we can’t undo history...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

...errr, sebenor nyeer, kita ni nak buat ke tidak ..mahal bebenor.. !


Revisit at 10.10pm - I remember listening to views/comment made by one top figure politician (very recent @ on TV. He is not No. 1, neither No. 2 nor No. 3 -- I do hope one of you watched this interview too. I’m not posting verbatim here – only the “intention”)

He said if he were to handle one big project which is very viable in the first place but unfortunately, over the years/months the fund is somehow not there/ready and/or something goes wrong (unpredicted), so what he will do is that (either one or take it all!)

a. drag/delay the project – give reason/excuse -- we need to explore or to study further (there is a need for second (and third) thorough study)
b. blame third party (or if any, the fourth, the fifth so on…) for causing some backlog which subsequently delay the whole project. (Here, we need another tactic i.e. kautim management)
c. review priority list (!) – the 1st priority has changed! (ye lah kan, may be due to the weather, the attitude, the public awareness etc)

So, what a coincidence! Learn the skill....


_____News from Bernama___
April 22, 2008 13:05 PM

Second Penang Bridge Delayed Due To Land Issue And Rising Costs
KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the construction of the Second Penang Bridge will be delayed following problems getting the allocated land, the best design and increasing building costs."Several matters have delayed its construction. Firstly in getting the land that had been allocated for building the bridge."Secondly, there is a need to ensure that the given design is the most suitable and also the issue of cost where there may be changes due to increased prices," he told reporters after officiating the Asia-Europe Culture Ministers Meeting here Tuesday.Abdullah said this when asked on why the building of the bridge was being reviewed under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP).Several projects under the 9MP are also being reviewed, he said.The building of the 24-km bridge linking Batu Kawan in Seberang Perai south and Batu Maung on the island has been receiving criticisms from various parties for its delay.The original agreement between UEM Group Bhd and its consortium partner China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) has been extended for nine months to provide more negotiation time for them to reach an agreement that will be same with the original deal.Earlier, UEM had given the guarantee that the building of the Second Penang Bridge will be smooth and completed as scheduled in 2011.The bridge will be the longest in Malaysia and South East Asia once it is completed.Last year, Malaysia and China signed a loan facility worth RM2.7 billion for the building of the bridge. The parties involved were the Government of Malaysia, Exim Bank from China and Bank Pembangunan (Malaysia) Bhd.-- BERNAMA

no comments were posted by tajudin.

Kisah Sedih Suatu Hari Dulu di Bukit Bintang, KL

1 hari telah datang seorang nyonya tua, 1st time, ke KL. itu nyonya mau enjoy enjoy pasal sudah kena loteri. Dia pun kasi check-in hotel mewah kat Bukit Bintang (nama sorok, takut jejaskan prestasi hotel).
Pelayan hotel bawa nyonya itu terus masuk bilik.

Lepas pintu ditutup, nyonya tengok keliling. Tiba-tiba nyonya jadi marah! Terus dia jerit pada pelayan hotel itu -- Elo, sekius me ahh, lu ingat wa sulah tua ahh,mali kampung ahhh, tala tau luluk hotel ka, ini milik manyak kicik, TB tada, katil pun tada, lu mau tipu olang ka..gila punya olang!
Nyonya sudah hempuk pelayan hotel itu dengan beg tangannya. Cepat-cepat pelayan tu jawab -- Nyonya! Sabar nyonya, sabar.... ini baru LIF !

Monday, April 21, 2008

...PM-in-waiting is from Muar!

updateresponse to emails sent direct to my mailbox on jom pi Muar. tq all.

Journey hours KL - Pt. Jawa, Muar is about 3 hours (normal drive by Kelisa – Limited Edition, even if you drive Porsche Cayenne Turbo too, you can’t reach Pt. Jawa by 1 hour – you know la Muar trunk road -- bumpy, many holes, got cow/chicken/cat crossing road everywhere….bicyle/trishaw some more).
Perodua Kelisa - Limited Edition

Business hours – (if not mistaken) 24 hours (alternately open by the stalls' owners). Fish to suggest – Pari, Jenahak, Ikan Merah and Sembilang laut – these are all fresh and good for asam pedas. Price range – very reasonable (what more if you are on company’s entertainment claim!...hello fren, when is our next trip…). SMS stands for Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar (Tanjung Agas).

on record, we have so many personalities from Muar who very proud of this town i.e Tun Datuk Dr.Hj Awang Hassan, ulama-ulama and tokoh-tokoh agama, Nash & Lefthanded, Nana, Ramlah Ram etc and not to forget - Parameswara, Sultan Mansur Shah & Sultan Ali!....

(btw, Nash & Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar-the astronaut (x-MRSM Muar), if you read this BLOG, pls write something (very good about Muar..) ok!)

and just for info (before I wrap up this topic) Muar is actually the land of Johor MBs (Mentri Besar - present and past) and the land of Malaysia’s PM-in-waiting (don't know when but wait and see..)

Pulau Batu Puteh – will the island use Malaysia Postcode?

As you may have noticed (or perhaps some of us overlook ...(read: don’t even bother at all)…) the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague, the Netherlands, will decide on Pulau Batu Puteh by mid-end next month.

The debate (and court/legal terms whatsoever) was over. So for now, all we can do, being concerned citizens of Malaysia, is to pray hard for the decision to be favourable to us. Pray for the best, and pray for the wisdom too. That’s all we can do.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sepetang Di Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld) (sajak)


Terasa nyaman menyedut udara, segar
Di tebing kuala ini
Melihat sibuknya para nelayan bertukar pendapat
Sambil menyedut rokok daun bersilih hembus
Deruan tongkang sampan keluar masuk, pesta bunyian
Dan memunggah hasil tangkapan, sukar dinilai

Pokok nipah dan bakau menghalang
Jarak pandangan tersekat dari tersebar, lebih jauh ke tengah
Dicemari silau bias matahari petang
Dan aku akan merinduimu
Kuala Sepetang
Seperti rindunya aku akan kampung halaman
Dan keluarga tercinta

Entah bila kan bertemu semula

1993 - mengenang rakan baik yang tinggal di Kuala Sepetang
(maaf yang, kerana terlanggar tempayan besar mak kau sampai pecah! )


malu tersenyum simpul bila terumum
juara segala ratu di situ
kerana kerampingan
hai tersenyum mak sodah
ratu kebaya
hati pun gumbira

ibu beranak empat
masih gah
pinggangnya ramping
bak biola
siapa yang tidak cemburu
siapa yang tidak cemburu buta

semua ketawa gumbira
tapi dalam hati
semua menderita
dara yang bertanding pun kalah jua
tidak sehebat
mak sodah



Inginku undurkan diri sendiri
Jika itu yang dimahu, tersirat di akal merawang
Kesilapan apakah yang tidak terampun?

Tidak perlu manisan, jika itu hempedu

Bertali arus menghempas batu
Pun akan menjadi debu
Bertali arus memukul gendang
Pun akan memecahkan gegendang

Tidak perlu
Bahkan tak perlu

Dijentik air di kolah
Pun akan sampai ke lautan, arusnya
Jika diketahui hasratnya

Dihembus keluar angin di mulut
Pun akan sampai ke awan, baunya
Jika diketahui patinya

Langit tak tercapai, percayalah
Bumi tak tergali, pun percayalah

Setiap masa bukanlah bahagia
Setiap masa bukanlah derita
Tanah pun bergunung ganang
Angin pun bersepoi bahasa
Hujan pun boleh reda
Dedaun pun tumbuh semula
Masakan nasi menjadi bubur
Lambat laun tiadalah sesiapa
Jika ini yang diminta
Apalagi yang dicari?

Inginku undurkan diri sendiri
Dari disanggah sebegitu sekali
Berat bahu terlentuk layu
Berat rasa terbenam sepi


my wife only knew (my passion for poems) after 11 years of marriage (sometime in 2006). itu pun kerana berhenti kerja dari ofis, semua barang kena pack bawa balik rumah. ada naskah-naskah kertas yang diikat-ikat - yang itulah helaian sajak-sajak! (apalah awak ni Din, melampau.....)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't Know Where To Go This Weekend? Jom pi Muar - My Hometown

Brader, wat so special in Muar? ha ha Muar mali tak de special, but the food - really outstanding!

Mee bandung Muar (i wud prefer the one at Tanjung Agas - in front of SMS Muar's main gate >> see photo >>), meee bandunggg kat situ betul2 howliowwww!

Rojak petis Tanjung (at Tanjung, Muar), Asam pedas Pt. Jawa (surely kat Pt. Jawa.. you know ahh..even the Singaporeans drove there just to eat asam pedas wooo..) and Briyani Muar (banyak tempat yang bagus2).

OK la, let me show you how to go to Pt. Jawa to "swallow" asam pedas! See below, Pt. Jawa is located in South-West Muar (map) -- 10-15km from Muar town.

Here, you may choose any gerai (stall), some are still wooden stalls (fisherman village, what do you expect..) some are newly-built like the one in pic. This stall is certified by Jalan-jalan Cari Makan TV3 ( no wonder got TV3 logo there...) You may choose all types of fish and what portion size you prefer. Very very fresh!

And one more thing, kat Muar, you can have breakfast with satay - all types of satay! Satay perut, satay hati, satay babat, satay kambing/rusa/ayam, satay lidah, satay kulit etc etc. Breakfast satay, lunch satay, hi-tea satay, dinner satay - only in MUAR!

OK frens, don't waste time la, just take all your family (..and me) travel to Muar this weekend and enjoy yourselves!

superstitious or what!

The first pic shows Hanaa Aisyah together with Mama Cat and three kittens (rumah kat kampung).

The pic was shot just a few days before Mama Cat's tragic death; so unlucky, it was ran over by a car in front of the house.

..and, the kittens have to survive by cow's milk....

The Most Powerful DOA

Today is my 2nd Friday in blogging.

for those who still have a mother, do something good today. if she is bedside you (--you stay together la--) kiss and hug her today. and, actually you must kiss and hug her everyday! if she is not bedside you, just give her a call, it's just a phone call away anyway... get her blessing -- our mother has a great blessing in our life..

reminds me of my mom too.

Sabda Nabi s.a.w.

"Tiga doa yang paling mustajab dan tiada keraguan lagi baginya iaitu doa orang yang dianiaya, doa orang yang musafir atau dalam perjalanan, dan doa ibubapa ke atas anaknya" (Riwayat At-Tirmizi)

go get your mother now.....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

aLL bloOD Types - wAnTed !!!

Seri Puncak is organising BLOOD Donation Campaign! The effort is in collaboration with Universiti Hospital Blood Bank (you see, Blood also got bank..)

Detail: 20 April 2008 (Sunday) 9.30am>>4pm and venue=25 Jln USJ 8/2B UEP Subang Jaya (USJ). Call 03-56326462 / 56384618 / 016-9682200

I don't know the tagline for the campaign, but if i may suggest, the tag should go like this..

"you're healthy, you've good blood runs inside you, please donate some and save others!"

Bold & red in colour since we're talking about blood.... Ok, you better eat good food for 4 days and stay healthy...and, on Sunday, do come and donate, if not 1 liter, give the Bank 5 liters!

I was at PKNS-Shah Alam last week and captured the photo below - Blood Bank in action!

And it triggers me - those who avoid income taxes, you have to pay with your blood, it is compulsory to donate your blood to Blood Bank!

Otherwise, please visit Inland Revenue or fill up e-filing (click here) .

go go go -- do your works mr leaders!

i must echo the statements made by people at large and also highlighted by today's NST that the leaders should get on with their works/duties and their obligations.

all of you should start developing the Nation. please stop kicking each other. don't spit in each other's face, please obey your master (afterall you choose him, what..) don't exchange wild punch and nasty words in front of rakyat. malu la...

let firmly be reminded (i'm afraid to use -- let me be the first to remind you -- he he) if bad attitude continue to prevail, don't get angry if rakyat were to take you as butt of their jokes....

let's move forward on the track! (and, please make sure ahh it is the right track...)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

are you ready to die for your WIFE? answer me....

OO Frens -- Are you willing to sacrifice your life and die for the woman you love - YOUR WIFE? - (..and am asking myself..)

"Sanggup mati demi isteri Oleh Rashidi Karim (Harian

16 - KANGAR: “Saya menjerit sekuat hati meminta dia menyelamatkan diri ketika
kereta dipandunya beransur-ansur tenggelam di Terusan Arau sedalam empat
meter.“Tetapi dia asyik menoleh ke belakang untuk menyelamat sesuatu dipercayai
isteri yang duduk di belakang walaupun mampu keluar menerusi cermin sebelah
pemandu yang terbuka,” demikian kata saksi terawal, Rozwan Abdullah, 39,
menceritakan detik cemas kemalangan yang meragut nyawa sepasang suami isteri,
semalam.Dalam kejadian jam 3.15 petang itu, Mohammed Yusof, 59, bekas pengawal keselamatan dan isterinya, Esah Hashim, 52, lemas akibat kereta jenis Datsun
120Y dipandunya terjunam dalam Terusan Arau berhampiran Kampung Lat Seribu,
Simpang Empat, dekat sini.Menurut Rozwan, ketika dalam perjalanan pulang ke
rumahnya di Kampung Lat Seribu, dia melihat kereta yang dinaiki kedua-dua mangsa meluncur laju masuk dalam terusan terbabit
." Detail here

Sehidup semati. Innalillah Hi Wa inna Ila Hi Rojiun - Semoga Allah merahmati pasangan suami isteri ini, Amin.

Revisit 10.15 pm. just tele-called my mom. we should also sacrifice for our mother. call her, say good things to her, take good care of her. she needs you, spend sometime with her. sacrifice.…call her, she needs you, she needs you more than your money, believe me!

CONGKAK - hOrRor fiLm!!!

Tomorrow is CONGKAK's first day screening in all cinemas nationwide (Malaysia, ASEAN later stage). If you admire Nanu's acting (...only), go Q-up at the nearest cinema tomorrow evening since esok malam Jumaat.

It's good to watch horRor movies on Thursday night (Malam Jumaat -- our culture what...Saka la..Anak Pontianak la..Sundal Malam la) . But for this CONGKAK, you don't play play. Warning has been issued!

"Lembaga Penapis Filem Malaysia (LPF) memberi amaran bahawa “ibu-ibu mengandung dan pengidap penyakit jantung dinasihatkan agar tidak menonton filem CONGKAK, sebuah filem terbitan MIG ”. Begitu juga dengan kanak-kanak di bawah usia 13 tahun diminta menonton bersama penjaga." - i overheard from MHI TV3 this morning.
So, either you go or else just stay at home, play play with your family....

Kisah Sedih Suatu Masa Dahulu Di Penang

seorang mamat baru tiba dari kampung, dapat kerja kilang kat Penang. dari kampung naik bas terus ke Butterworth. mamat ni pun pi jeti beli tiket nak naik feri ke pulau.
lepas beli tiket dia pun tunggu lah feri. tunggu punya tunggu dari 1 minit jadi 1 jam. dari 1 jam jadi 2 jam....pekerja feri tu pun tanyalah mamat yang nampak macam bagus dan segan nak bertanya pulak tu...dia pun datang lah kat mamat tu, tapi belum sempat dia nak tanya, mamat macam bagus tu menyapa dia dulu...

mamat (macam bagus): banyak feri hari ni tuan..
pekerja feri: dak ehh, macam biasaq ja. hang dok tunggu apa?
mamat (macam bagus): saya nak ke pulau ni, tapi dari tadi hanya nampak Feri Pulau Ketam, Feri Pulau Angsa, Feri Talang-Talang, Feri Pulau Tioman je. Feri ke Pulau Pinang tak tiba lagi ke?

moral: jangan lah rasa macam bagus sangat nak nak kat tempat orang...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

you want to know the election date? >>>rewind

ok, i know, General Election's fever already gone. You've voted, you've decided. The results already made known, either favourably or unfavourably. You've shown the direction on how the Nation should go. Fly to the sky or down to the drain!

we are now feeling the consequences. hope for the best of all.
something to share, from experience and observation, if you really want to know the election date (you cannot find this in textbook) just look around you (see these photos, share skit je, banyak lagi..).

to (with caution) MP and ADUN, please la, don't do like this to rakyat la. If the budget is there, and if you are the one incharge (persuade, decide, approve, and/or hold the project), please do it immediately la, why must you wait for election time... not so nice la YB...tq ah..

to organic food true-believers!

Do you believe that by consuming organic food will help you stay healthy and live longerrrrr?

What is organic food? Organic food is food which is produced/prepared naturally, no chemicals, no chemical additives and no chemical pesticide (some say if used, they are carefully controlled).

Organic product is more expensive...he he.. why? it's due to a "demand & supply theory" or may be "good product will cost more".

To me, organic product is expensive because of its quality and susah nak tanam/jaga/pelihara (we really have to compete with insects).

If you are an organic food consumer, please update me - cost of buying, your health status, your believe, sedap ke, tawar je rasa ke etc.

Btw, how to ensure the product you consume is the real organic product? Like halal product, you can see the certified halal logo/sticker whatsoever (itu pun ada yang tipu - but at least we have JAKIM to double check if we want to). I give you two tomatoes (one is organic and the other is fully grown by chemical/pesticide). Tell me which is which!

Monday, April 14, 2008

New Car On The Blog & Xtra-Expensive Plate Number!

My neighbour just bought a new Honda Civic 1.8. The car, dark gray in colour, costs her rm113k. Nice car! Very nice indeed. but she didn't want to spend money on plate number! nice car should have nice plate number. i suggested, instead of WRE---- she should take WRE57

Some people could spend thousands and millions RM to have nice/extraordinary/weird plate numbers. Mingguan Malaysia, yesterday, higlighted some "don't-know-how-to-spend" millionaires bidding for these numbers i.e (here in Malaysia!) TANx, JJJx, CCCx, NAB1, PU3 and MAF14
Kat luaq negara lagi dahsyat! One Jutawan Arab - Saeed Al-Khouri - spent RM45.8 million just nak dapat plate 1. His cousin - Talal Ali Muhammad Khouri - also paid handsomely (RM22 million) to get plate 5. Plate rebutan yang lain ialah M1, VIP1, 51NGH, K1NGS & CS1.
Ah ha! To all millionaires out there - esp. to my brothers above - (and if you read this message @ someone else conveys this message to you!) on top of paying that much for your plate number, why don't bank-in a-lil-bit to my bank account! I will certainly spend the money properly with more benefits to others! And, May God Bless Us Together!

Hanif Nak Jadi Pilot? Bomba?

my 10-year old son Muhammad Hanif Firdaus, when asked (by his teachers/friends/family) - dah besar nanti nak jadi apa? (he he what a question -the same words since our great grandfathers' time..long long time ago) - he wants to be either a pilot or pegawai bomba.

pilot? you wear spec la abang, how? i told him, as far as i know, a pilot is like F1 driver, your both eyes must very very perfect.

once his school PTA called a pilot (First Officer, Boeing 777-200 Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Tuan Azrul Hizam Munir) to brief schoolchildren on 'Seronok Menjadi Pilot'. During the Q&A, my son bravely asked Tuan Azrul - can pilot wears spec? - ha ha ha saya senyum je...(Bro. Azrul, tqvm for your time entertaining budak2)

Muhd Hanif Firdaus - here are some nice photos from uncle Tzy Wen (..he is near to the aircraft's engine). Thanks Tzy Wen for sharing, detail visit (

...ah yang ni tersesat, nampak macam cock pit Fokker...........