Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mindef's Webmaster & PR? Apa dah jadi?

The unfortunate/tragic aircraft crash that killed both pilot and co-pilot (Maj Mohd Zulkifli Hassan and Maj Mohd Roszaini Mustafa) happened on Friday noon. They were both buried on Saturday. Malaysians read the sad news online or in the papers.

We all shared their families' sorrow. But i somehow bit disappointed, sad to say that the incident was not covered in the Ministry of Defence (Kementerian Pertahanan) official web portal HERE. No news on the crash and not even the condolence message or Al-Fatihah (flashing whatsoever) from the portal or MOD - Minister/KSU etc to the families (mind you, nothing highlighted even after 3 "working" days!) <<<--- macam nak clear cek pulak...

Let us recite/offer Al-Fatihah to both Arwah Mejar. Let us pray for them and may Allah shower blessings and forgiveness upon them. Al-Fatihah.

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