Monday, October 26, 2009 hug and kiss your parents?

Sunday, yesterday, went to Khalifah Institute 1-day Parenting seminar (Jalan Ampang), refreshing our roles and responsibilities as Muslim parents (we were sponsored by <<<--- Muslimah T-Shirt --->>> thanks to the owner, Puan Latifah)

Program was conducted by 5 speakers - Puan Badariah Ismail (KI Trainer), Saudara Muhammad Qayyum Abd Raof, Prof. Dr. Alini Marzuki, Puan Azra Banu (listen her slot on-air in Radio IKIM) and (sorry, i did miss the first speaker's name)
Dr. Alini (left) & Puan Azra Banu (right)

As Khalifah of Allah we must do 3 things (1) Make ourselves good (2) Help others become good (too!) and (3) Make the world good (you may have heard this, i supposed so).

Yes, i learned a lot from yesterday's seminar, but not all can we relay/share here in this blog. Go and spend time to Khalifah with your spouse (yes, attend "berdua-duaan" together to make full impact to your family).

Oh not to forget, i think this got to be shared here. Hug your kids and hug your parents!. Prof Dr Alini shared her story how she first hug her daughter (when the latter was already 16!!!). Never to late...she always remember that moment and it was a difficult move. I agreed. I raised hand and (not to blame our Malay culture/norms) i shared to all that my first hug/kiss to my mother was after my marriage (after our first baby was born). True, it was difficult, how to hug you mother something you never did before. Prof Dr. Alini asked me --- who push you to hug and kiss her. I said --- my wife. Hu hu hu and forever, i never had the opportunity to hug and kiss my Abah!

Actually, parents/kids love to be hugged and to be kissed. Those read this blog, go - hug and kiss your parents today and to your children too. Mind you, they (hugs/kisses) are more powerful and signifant than words. Let's be good, be good and be good to others, Insya-Allah.

In my view, this seminar is very good for Muslim (parents/parents-to-be) but as i wrote in feedback form, masa tak cukup especially on Q&A after each speaker's session. Details you may reach Khalifah Institute by web or or call 03-42566810

Khalifah Model School
Apart from KI's model school/kindergarten located at Taman Ampang Utama, Puan Badariah's Dzuliman Smart Khalifah Kindergarten ( also applies Khalifah Program as its teaching method. Dzuliman has a few branches --- Putrajaya, Putra Heights, Shah Alam (Sek 13, Sek 7, Sek 8), USJ 6 and Tronoh (Perak) <<<--- (ooo yeah, i love Tronoh, please visit Tronoh, at least once in lifetime...he he he)


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