Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MATF 2010

The Malaysia AirlinesTravel Fair 2010 (MATF’ 10) is back, offering attractive air fares and holiday packages from today until 7 March 2010. Offers such as a 75% discount off current market fares will be available during the fair 49 destinations worldwide.

(The travel period starts from March 24 until Jan 14 next year.)

Tickets can be bought via the airlines’ ticketing offices or travel agents.

Some of the great offer to can grab during The Malaysia AirlinesTravel Fair 2010

  • Asia; starting from as low as RM133 to Medan, RM213 (Phuket) and RM359 (Hong Kong).
  • Australia; RM639 to Perth one-way, and RM1,069 to Mel- bourne (one-way).
  • Europe; London, Paris or Rome for only RM1,549.
  • Other; Bangkok will cost RM264; Beijing (RM487), Sydney (RM754) and the Gold Coast (RM816).
  • Customers intending to go umrah and ziarah can opt for MASholidays’ travel package from RM4,999 for 14 days/ 12 nights to Jeddah, with three nights in Madinah and nine nights in Mecca.

Those interested can also visit the website HERE for more promotions including AirAsia Free Seats.

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