Tuesday, June 30, 2009

KAK's son wedding reception

-Saturday night fever-
Attended Tuan Kamaruddin Abdul Kadir's son wedding reception @ Klana Resort, Seromban - KAK is former President/CEO of Honda Malaysia, xProton, xHICOM, xDHEC and xDRB-HICOM.
(note:: among colleague/close friends, KAK used to be known as Chief Cockroach for his intelligence/skills/articulateness/diligence in developing new projects, research/study, R&D in auto/auto-related industry (which won him quick promotions). I was among a few cockroaches under him hahaha...)
Zoom to view "Udang Berdiri"
Ada cak lempong... biaso lah yo, dah orang negori...

Kamarulnizam & Sazuan Nazrah

Ok KAK, selamat menerima menantu. To Nizam/Sazuan - selamat pengantin baru!

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