Sunday, July 13, 2008


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Laughter over goat 'service'

AN answer to a supplementary question by member of parliament of Pasir Mas Datuk Ibrahim Ali fired up the imagination of members of the House yesterday.
Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Deputy Minister Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim caused laughter when she said a male boer goat could "service" up to 80 does at one time. "After the goat finishes, it will be rested for one week and will be given tongkat ali, honey and eggs before it starts mating again," she said. Ibrahim had asked for the number of goats the ministry was breeding for mating purposes. Rohani said: "I call these goats 'heroes'. They are difficult to get and the prices are very expensive.
"These goats are usually borrowed from one place to carry out mating elsewhere," she said.Rohani said the ministry was in the process of breeding these goats."If we can have good cross-bred male goats, this industry will be a success."Rohani said Malaysia had 403,592 goats which could only support nine per cent of the country's demand for mutton. "With various programmes that we are conducting, we hope to achieve 35 per cent self-sufficiency by 2015."

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