Wednesday, July 9, 2008

value for money - investment in agri

ok good news!
(1) the government awarded 100-acre of state agriculture land to you (by virtue of your good deeds to society... ahaks..(read: cable cable)..) together with a large sum of money (..daydreaming is good for health huh...).
(2) (tone it down a bit) you inherit 10-acre of your granpa's "undergrowth" land. 100 days before your granpa passed away, he called you and took you to the said land -- cucu ku yang baik TJ, this land is for you, do something that can benefit you and family, and also your crony.
now - what to do, what to farm? time to list down, time to check the compatibility (most compatible with you, of course). herbs, livestock, vege, field crops, fruit, agri+tourism, agri+homestay, agri related items, fertiliser factory, or just let the land be like that (either you are a greenpeace true believer or you are a true naturist).
share some.

rear chicks project or perhaps, ayam kampung. ayam bandar dah tak sedap, banyak fat/kolestrol, so semua cari ayam kampung. One unit double storey fully air-cond 100 ft x 40 ft will cost RM250K. CF for 30K chicks. harvest in two months time with gross income 1 ton = RM4,000. 1 chick (average) 2 kilos.

or, build ranch/homestay/resort far from town (inside the jungle). bela kuda!

you may gazette for naturist (he he he) or open for persatuan pencinta alam, camping, team building etc.

duckin' duck. bela itik (nila).

controlled organic farming + agro tourism. proper bike lane and enough bicycles so that the visitors can tour your 100-acre organic farming. organic vege mahal wooo $$$$.

fish pond. lintah pun ok, udang pun boleh, belut pun jadi kot

dragon fruit. gross income 1 ton = RM4,000. go for end product.

let's grow tomato. gross income for 1 ton = RM1,000 (average). easy and fast. harvest every day for 70 days

melon. rock melon & family. 1 ton gross = RM3,000. harvest in 75 days, but some exporters prefer you just harvest in 62 days. they become 75 by the time your melons reach the destination.

strawberry. gross income 1 ton = 20,000. check climate. make sure your atuk's land some where higher than bukit tinggi. go for end product.

flowers. gross 1 ton = RM20,000

grow vege which offer high yields i.e. lettuce, broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower. these vege can be grown using the system/arrangement similar to strawberry's. fast & easy. harvest in 70 - 90 days.

chilli. fast. cili kulai, cili besar - gross 1 ton = RM4,000. kalau cili padi (kampung) 1 ton = RM10,000 (tapi kena banyak praktis kuatkan pergelangan tangan - penat kak nak petik). good if you could go sell direct to users or contract farming.

paddy field. 1 ton = RM1,100. oooh tough man....

boleh ternak belut liar, keli/haruan liar @ tali air.
oil palm. 1 ton = RM700. have to wait for 3 years to harvest. if you own 20-acre 5-year-old oil palm, you may easily pocket RM10,000/month nett.

kat bawah pokok sawit boleh bela itik kampung -- boleh jual telur asin (hmmm sedapnyer), boleh jual itik panggang. ataupun boleh bela lembu, kambing & ayam kampung secara lepas bebas (don't worry -- depa tak gaduh punya). extra income.

last resort - you may just put up the fence and signboard (PENCEROBOH AKAN DIDAKWA / DITEMBAK), and wait & see if your land can produce oil/gas/gold etc.

or else -- just relax, enjoy need to work hard. biaq pi la kat tanah 100 ekar tu... 100 days before you die, take your cucu to that 100-acre land and ask him/her to plan something in the future..!!




mael said...

mmmm.... projek yang last tu yg best .. ha2..

posting yg menarik bro.. good!

Anonymous said...

senarai projek-projek yang baik.

masalahnya, tanah pun tak de, duit pun tak de.


tajudin said...

> ha ha projek hanya buat pagar saja ke atau projek yang main duduk je tak buat apa-apa?

>> tanah boleh dicari, duit pun boleh dicari. yang penting tuan punya badan...

Me... Only Better said...

came here from your post on my blog...interesting..been thinking of agri or ternak...tapi tak dak grnapa tinggal tanah..kat pakistan nun sana ada kot...modal tak dak...goats, lintah, lemongrass...tak tau apa nak buat..angan banyak...tapi sambil basuh pinggan, sambil menyapu, sambil translate, sambil mandi, sambil hantar anak sekolah..bila masa nak jadi agripreneur tak tau....

tajudin said...

ha ha ha tak dak granpa tinggal tanah?

sedih jugak dengar tu...

tanah boleh dicari. yang penting ada ilmu dan semangat.