Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ramadhan (10) -- good to share

today, we were with Tuan Aimi Aizal Nasharuddin - SKALI's President & Co-Founder. he spoke a detailed insight about Skali - from small business (7 staffs) to 500 (currently) in 12 years. he shared a few tips for success in business (& survival tips - i like these, tq...)

(some that stuck in my mind)

in selling products/services -- first, convince them (that your product is damn good -- this is normal). if fails, move to option 2 -- confuse them (that your product has extra A + high Z and have all B,C, D etc). if not working at all - move to opt 3 -- scare them -- if you don't have this product, you die man...(...see insurance sales agent?)

in solving problem -- never use the same way/thinking to solve problem, what more if the formula doesnt work at all. change.

crisis - if you fail to anticipate, you will be trapped into crisis management, unpredictable event. if dont tackle properly, crisis will lead to another crisis. you cant focus to do better things. dont be afraid to make decision, and once done/decided, pls commit fullest.

lastly - uphold honesty, sincerity and integrity (be strong, be tough - no matter how/what).

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