Wednesday, December 24, 2008

if PLAN A fails, PLAN B can be worst

Hope our Eye-on-Malaysia OK...Must have "PLAN C" - parachute...

A power disruption left 173 passengers stranded above ground in the Singapore Flyer – the world's biggest observation wheel - for about six hours yesterday. The stoppage – which occurred at about 5:00 pm – was caused by a small electrical fire. It was the Flyer’s fourth since it began operations early this year, but was by far the worst. Shocked passengers spoke of the ordeal of being stuck in stuffy capsules when the air-conditioning went off. Some among those trapped reportedly resorted to urinating in plastic bags while they were hanging in the air. Ten passengers were rescued using sling-like harnesses while the other 163 walked out when power was restored at about at about 11:11 pm. A spokesperson for the Flyer said investigations are ongoing, and the wheel would remain closed at least until Thursday.

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the deint said...

i hope to be at the highest point.nice view.hahahaha...XD but if we're dead,is there will be any insurance?? hehehe..

tajudin said...

insurance? dah mati saper yang dapat?