Monday, December 22, 2008

sorRy aHh, ayAm (i'M) nOt QuAliFieD

‘I’m not qualified to land,’ pilot tells passengers
A BRITISH passenger plane was forced to turn back minutes before landing in Paris because the pilot was not qualified to land in fog. Speaking over the address system as the Flybe flight approached Charles de Gaulle airport, the pilot announced to startled passengers “I am not qualified to land the plane” and turned back to Cardiff. A spokeswoman for the low-cost airline said the pilot was “an experienced aviator with more than 30 years commercial aviation experience flying a number of different passenger aircraft types.”
“He has relatively recently transferred his ‘type-rating’ from a Bombardier Q300 to a Bombardier Q400 and has not yet completed the requisite low-visibility training to complete a landing in conditions such as the dense fog experienced in Paris Charles de Gaulle,” she said.
“The captain therefore quite correctly turned the aircraft around and returned to Cardiff; a decision which the company stands by 100 per cent.”
One passenger, 29-year-old Cassandra Grant, said she had missed a job interview in the French capital as a result.
She told the South Wales Echo newspaper: “Twenty minutes outside Paris, the captain said, ‘Unfortunately I’m not qualified to land the plane in Paris. They are asking for a level two qualification and I only have a level five. We’ll have to fly back.
“The whole thing beggars belief. If I had not been on the plane, I would not have believed it.”
The British Civil Aviation Authority described the incident as “quite unusual but probably not unheard of.
“I guess he thought when he initially took off that conditions would be suitable for him to land,” a spokesman said.
“There are different classifications of aircraft and when an aircraft is updated, pilots who have flown an older version have to completely retrain.
“Different climatic conditions like fog require a certain level of skill and he probably didn’t have the level of training required for this particular aircraft.”

Responsible pilot (walaupun kurang cekap/bagus).
Tough/best decision made -- considering/ensuring the passengers ultimate safety.
ehem ever heard this >>>
"i'm not qualified to lead the country; and for the sake of the nation........."


Anonymous said...

siapa yang tak qualify nak lead negara tu...

yellowherbie said...

Normal je case kat Paris tu. Bila tiba musim sejuk, kadang2 jarak penglihatan jatuh sekitar 100 meter sahaja. Maknanya, bagi pilot2, pada ketinggian lebih kurang 20-50 kaki, baru boleh nampak landasan!!! Untuk "land"kan pesawat dari ketinggian 20 kaki lalu baru nampak landasan, pilot2 perlukan lesen khas, dan lesen ni ada perkara2 yang perlu dibuat oleh pemegangnya supaya lesen tersebut tidak "mati". Pada pendapat saya, pilot yang terlibat tu, lesen khas dia tu dah mati tu.

tajudin said...

tuan/puan anon. sendiri pikir.

oh ye, kalau zaman sekolah, saper yang lantik ketua pengawas? kemudian muncul satu position lain, ketua pengganas (kira kontra)...

tajudin said...

kapten, thanks mai datang blog ini.

harap pilot malaysia semua cemerlang hatta landing dalam air sekalipun.

(saya kenal pilot kita yang memang berkeupayaan landingkan komersil jet dalam air - dan dia ada kereta mercedes yang guna minyak kelapa sawit...kapten yellowherbie kenal kot?)