Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Octuplets --- First Pics Released

The first pics of the US Octuplets have been released..!!!
pics --- skynews.com

US Octuplets (skynews.com)

All eight babies - six boys and two girls - and their mother mother Nadya Suleman are being cared for in hospital in Los Angeles.
In an interview broadcast in the US, Ms Suleman said she wanted a huge family to make up for the isolation she felt as an only child.
Speaking on
NBC's Today programme, the mother confirmed she already had six other children - four through single pregnancies and twins.
"I know now that I may or may not have really deep down wanted that many siblings, but at the time I was so focused and fixated on wanting so many that I just kept going."

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So, when is our Malaysia Boleh's Octuplets program??? Kembar 8 tu...


Anonymous said...

actually,si nadya nih x ber'nikah' pun...dan semua anak-anaknya yang begitu ramai itu ( 6 + 8 ) dilepaskan pada kedua ibu bapanya yang sudah tidak cukup kudrat utk menjaga anak2 kecil..

tajudin said...

tuan/puan anon, mungkin lepas ni dia tolong ambil alih penjagaan kot...