Monday, March 16, 2009 not SELL-FISH

(4 for me & 1 for you)
Sin or we have not sinned for failing to perform the fardhu kifayah? depa buat kita tak payah - longtime slogan heard during schooldays/childhood. Actually, what is fardhu ain and what is fardhu kifayah and those things yang tak payah-tak payah tu? Will Allah give us a place in Heaven despite our failures to upgrade/develop/hold/help our community.
Ustaz Wan Adam during his tazkirah tonite asked Jamaah to ponder -- there are 3 categories in our society. First group is Amal-ma'ruf-nahi-munkar people. Second, people who are Amal-ma'ruf but never do nahi-munkar. Thirdly, those munkar people, they do things forbidden by Allah s.w.t. In giving advice to the third, never leave that to Imam/Ustaz alone or to other people/authority to solve/give solutions. We are also responsible and answerable to what is happening around us especially to our family. Be part of it, get involved.
Of course, we have to uphold and focus on the performance of fardhu ain (for ourselves). But, Islam does not teach us to be selfish. Don't say that as long as i OK, i dah solat puasa zakat haji, cukup la, i nak duduk masjid je...masalah/maksiat depa den maleh lah nak pikior... How can we just concentrating to perform self-duty & gain pahala for us alone and avoid/ignore duties to the Muslim community...
So, friends/readers, never ignore fardhu kifayah, never, eventhough you perform your fardhu ain religously.


amy said...

amanat yg cantik. don't sell rotten fish

tajudin said...

rotten??? he he he