Sunday, August 10, 2008

National Service -- (Khidmat Negara)

Again, another negative news from National Service Camp (Kem Latihan Khidmat Negara).

Saturday August 9, 2008 MYT 8:31:20 PM
50 NS trainees involved in brawl, 3 arrested

KLUANG: About 50 trainees created havoc at the Padang Hijau National Service Camp here after they were involved in a brawl.
Six trainees aged between 18 and 21 suffered multiple injuries on their face, hands and legs as a result of the brawl where chairs were also used.
They trainees were having supper at the camp's cafeteria when some of them starting teasing one another.
However, the tension among the trainees increased as the teasing intensified.
The situation became worst when the trainees started throwing punches and swinging chairs at each other.
The camp authorities then alerted the police who arrived soon after.
Kluang OCPD Asst Comm Fawzi Arshad said police have detained three trainees aged between 18 and 21.
"Initial investigations revealed that the three of them had started the fight.
"The injured trainees received outpatient treatment at the Kluang Hospital," he said, adding that the suspects have no past criminal records.
He said the case has been classified under Section 148 of the Penal Code for rioting with weapons.
He urged anyone with information to contact the police hotline at 07-2212999 or go to the nearest police station.

The NS council must hold thorough investigation, not only on this case but also to the previous cases which gradually eroding/damaging the good objectives of NS. Bad image. If i may suggest -- NS council needs to screen the selection criteria on those require to join NS i.e (1) voluntarily come forward & (2) choosen by council (PLKN)l. Those positive/volunteers – OK, i don't see any problem, they are looking forward to join. But, the council needs to screen those picked by the system, even some are no longer schooling or not in education system anymore.

An old timer Guru Besar (Headmaster) once told me --

sistem pendidikan dulu dah betul tapi kita ubah-ubah. Dulu, kalau kita tak pass LCE, MCE, SPM, atau kita tak lulus peperiksaan besar tu, memang kita tak boleh naik form atas. no way. Sapa yang gagal, keluar sekolah, atau belajarlah di sekolah swasta (private institution) atau belajar Gaya Pos atau Maktab Adabi, sekurang-kurangnya kita membantu hidupkan sekolah-sekolah swasta yang guna pendekatan pembelajaran berbeza (untuk pelajar-pelajar seperti itu). budak-budak ini sebenarnya dah tak nak belajar pun. Mereka malas dan bermasalah. Maka kalau dibenarkan belajar di sekolah, tu yang timbul masalah disiplin, buat kacau, bergaduh, buat macam-macam yang mengganggu proses pembelajaran samada kepada pihak sekolah, guru mahupun murid-murid yang lain (yang betul-betul nak belajar).

I do agree with his statement which based from his true dedication, experience and observation in our education system. So, looking at this, I hope we may apply the same method to NS. I'm ok for all to join NS. But what we need to do is to segregate those voluntarily want to join NS as part of the nation/team building, future generation development / survival and with those troublemakers choosen by NS. Perhaps, put them in different camp/location with a different type/set of module. One for real nation/team building. And, another one – to mould them to be human being.


Back at home, there are thousand parents, who are sceptical but yet still support the NS, pray day and night for the safety of their children in the camps.

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