Monday, August 4, 2008

PROTON - 2 August 2008 -

Last Saturday, went to Proton’s "Journey Through Technology" Open Day. Took TJ Junior (Hanif). Luckily, the two and wife didn’t join, it was real JOURNEY… habis satu Proton kita pusing jalan kaki.

I consider the 2-day event as very informative and excellent! Congrats to you guys at Proton. Proton never publicly open its manufacturing facilities (what more their R&D center and other strategic facilities – although this was not my firsttime - I used to visit/enter the areas way back end 90s)

Hanif was so happy to see all these (see pics) esp. on how a car is actually being developed.


TJ jr. yang nak bergambar...!
Just want to share pics during tour to R&D Centre -- Proton’s strategic department –- concept, future concepts design, test-test-test, research, feasibility.

clay model

clay model

durability test
crash test
Proton MSX - 3.2 liter engine (?)

over-crash test
nasib baik tak terhempap kepala visitors..
gps system
durability test (buka-tutup)

bilik ujian bunyi bising
winter room test (ujian untuk kereta eksport) sejuk wooo (bawah paras beku)
TJ jr. diberi penerangan yang baik dan sejelas-jelasnya oleh pegawai Proton. "Uncle, i want to be near to the engine (engineer)" ha ha ha..

Share sebahagian je gambar - gambar lain adalah di drift, lotus, manufacturing/stamping plant, test track (test drive), vendor exhibition, Proton club etc. Overall, Proton's open day sangat cemerlang, very infomative dan sangat berguna. Congrats 25X!!


OOD said...

aisey, rugi pulak ghaso tak poie.
Girang sungguh muko TJ Jr. Tu takdo gambo abah eh. kok ado, lagi girang gamaknya.

tajudin said...

ha ha ha, abah nyo ado, takut ekau tak kona den. lagi pun den malas nak gambo dongan lotus,nanti semua orang tengok lotus dari tengok muko den ni...

Tzy Wen said...

i went on sunday and i missed the opportunity to visit the production lines where they build the new blms. any photos on that?

tajudin said...

tzy wen,

aisey, pity you la. production line only open to public on saturday.

by now, i think many blogs posted photo on production/blms/stamping etc. i came to know since this blog received blogsearch results including on MSX.