Friday, August 15, 2008

World War II & Japan

Japan PM voices remorse for WWII on surrender date
Japan's Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda refused to join his predecessors in visiting a controversial war shrine here Friday as he expressed his country's remorse for the pain it inflicted in World War II.
Known for his conciliatory views on Japan's wartime history, Fukuda marked the anniversary of its defeat in 1945 with a moment of silence in a nationally broadcast annual memorial service.
"The nation inflicted significant damage and pain on many countries, especially on people in Asian countries," Fukuda said at a ceremony attended by Emperor Akihito, whose father Hirohito surrendered exactly 63 years earlier.
"Here I express, on behalf of the nation, deep remorse and humble condolences for all of the people who fell victim."

Fukuda stayed away from the Yasukuni shrine, which honours 2.5 million Japanese war dead including 14 top war criminals from World War II. Instead, he offered flowers at a nearby secular cemetery to war dead.

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Free Asia…!!! – that’s the slogan hailed during WWII – magic word that I could recall from history book.

I wish I could tell our late grandfathers, grandmothers, our pak sedara, all arwah-arwah askar (soldiers), pejuang bangsa (great warriors).

The message shall be conveyed like this --- atuk, nenek dan semua perwira/pejuang, Jepun menyesal serta mintak ampun dan maaf kerana menyusahkan Negara dan hidup kalian semua.

(..and forgive me, I can’t even think or try to imagine what kind of response from all of them. What kind of pain, suffer, hardship and agony – only they know well.)

May Allah bless all.

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