Thursday, May 29, 2008

bro. ezam - orchestra new player

bro. ezam,

wow, you're now back into the (old) orchestra team. what type of instrument will you play this time around? (the conductor - cannot, and the assistant - no way, sure!). please better choose and play either bass drum or trumpet. no point playing clash cymbals or tambourine.


aisey, the latter instruments are so easy to play -- no need for you to learn how to read togeh (notes). even small kids also can play cymbals/tambourine, bro. furthermore, during the stage show, these cymbals and tambourine players will be seated at the back row. the audience may not fully aware of your appearance, bro.

i wonder bro., how come some orchestras have no conductor -- the conductorless orchestras. and, the best thing - they perform, still performing well. why? they have excellent individual talent, commitment and teamwork. remember Mr. Bean’s sitcom? even Mr. Bean could be a good conductor – the team followed instruction very well and performed better, yeah!

some big orchestras do have multiple conductors, leading in small groups – angklung, violin, saxophone, strings etc – and these multiple conductors are responsible for the overall tempo and performance.

but bro., i think ahhh, not many people can go to orchestra performance laaa. the tickets are dear. the show is normally by-invitation and for a certain group of people. so how about the others? majority-wise, they prefer and enjoy fun-fair concerts, carnivals, kenduri kawin band-boys and also open karaoke at Uptown.

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