Thursday, May 15, 2008

Selamat Hari Guru -- Happy Teacher's Day

Hari Guru, Friday 16 May 2008.

i take this opportunity to wish all teachers - SELAMAT HARI GURU -- A VERY HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY

let's pray for the best to all our teachers -- who did care enough to teach us and help us to be what we are now today. my wish goes to all my teachers, couldn't name them one by one, just list all schools i attended thru out 12 years as budak sekolah.

(ah ha, i didn't go to kinder)
Sek Keb Temiang Muar & Sekolah Agama
Maktab Tentera Di Raja (RMC)
Sek Men Tun Perak
Sek Men Sains Muar
Sek Dato' Sri Amar DiRaja
Sek Tun Syed Sheh Shahabudin

thanks to all dedicated + strict + no-nonsense teachers in the entire life (of my friends and i). some of my teachers do visit this blog, i appreciate very much - one way to keep in touch. kalau cikgu happen to be in town, just give a call/email, will try to arrange for kakis to meet up.

these teachers of yesteryears are very much different from the teachers of today. cikgu-cikgu dulu, depa kerrasss dan garang (some of them) but they committed. they sacrificed their time and treated us like their own children -- they became role models to our parents, they almost replaced the parents! -- one classic example -- teachers can slap, punch and kick you -- ooo whatever they want to do -- (from todays point of view, surely we may say their punishment as so cruel, kesian budak2, not logic at all, can be sued etc etc) -- but, the magical words then was ini adalah untuk masadepan awak! you must believe this.

and yet, no police report, no PIBG report, no front-page in Harian Metro and the worst thing ever, our parents will never defend us!!!! ohhh too bad....

old-school thought was applied/in power back then. teachers earned high respects from society. parents trusted the teachers 1,000%!!! none of my friends (not me...) managed to convince their parents when come to disciplinary matters! pity you friends... silap-silap haribulan, we could get another round of rotan/punishment....

for boarding school students or those stayed in hostel, parents visit was very rare, once in a blue moon. kalau ada pun pasai nak fetch balik cuti he he.. atau yang ngada-ngada..itu pun sepenggal sekali.

that's all history. no matter what happened in those days, has not hindered us to keep in touch, hp/email cikgu semua ada tetapi ada juga yang tidak dapat dikesan. our fears of certain teachers had turned into great respects! you know la, cikgu-cikgu pun ada aura and still flying around us (you think only Mawi je ada aura ke?...) .

cikgu-cikgu, thanks for moulding us! we love you very much.


on behalf of PTA SIMDE, my wish Selamat Hari Guru goes to all hardworking teachers in SIMDE. Thanks for the efforts, teaching and guiding anak-anak kami (my kids actually) yang macam-macam perangai (dan noti tu, sabo je la kan...). Teruskan usaha murni memperkemas dan memperbaiki sistem/kaedah/amalan yang terbaik dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran untuk kebaikan murid dan pelajar.

the same goes to abang/kakak/sepupu/saudara and to all my friends who sacrife their life to teaching profession. i know it is not easy to be like cikgu-cikgu dulu. i guess - zaman berbeza & sistem berbeza. just be committed and show your true dedication to the profession.

semoga Allah merahmati semua cikgu-cikgu, guru-guru, pendidik dan bekas pendidik, dalam mendidik anak bangsa menjadi orang yang berguna dan cemerlang.

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