Friday, May 23, 2008

HITAM BATU PUTEH KU !!!!!!!! (sync story)

being a Johorean myself, i've to admit that i feel deeply sad today. we lost Pulau Batu Puteh (Pedra Branca).


My Atok (grandfather) planted a small mango tree in front of our family house, long time before he died. Near to the fence, about 7-10 feet from the main gate. Soon after that, the tree started to bear its first batch high quality mangoes. Yes, sweet-smell good mangoes since they came from the best variety. (I was told Atok was a supervisor attached to the agriculture department! No wonder).

Since then, the much-awaited mango season had turned our house into "fun-fair and family picnic" for the residents. Many of our neighbours came to taste the mangoes and to buy some. My father did entertain them and gave out the mangoes for free FOC. They loved our mangoes very much, their kids ate hastily in front of us. In return, they gave us "rojak buah" and "sambal kicap". We also played "pondok-pondok" under the tree.

My father bought good fertilizers specially for our mango tree, and told me.

Father -- Din, take good care of the tree, give "good vitamin", so we can expect good mangoes.

After my father died 12 years ago, the mango tree became the subject of quarrel and hatred among the residents in my area. I didn’t know why. The residents used to support and encouraged both my grandfather and my father to grow the best mango tree. By doing so, all neighbours could had eaten the best quality mangoes instead of buying them from nearby market..

The worst, my (current) neighbour (about my age -- he inherited the house from his grandfather) started to "lobby" around that the mango tree should be his. Actually, only 4 or 5 big branches fly over to his house. The main reason that made him mad >> to sweep the leaves everyday! The funny thing >> he then placed those leaves in front of my gate. He insisted to own my mango tree (for him to stop the protest).

One fine day (not to prolong the issue), both of us went to see Tok Penghulu. I’ve to explain to Tok Penghulu about the history of my Atok’s mango tree and how did it give benefits to neighbours and their kids around the area. On the other hand, my neighbour told Tok Penghulu that most of the branches were at his area, he had to clean and sweep everyday, once a month he had to climb up the tree to cut old branches. He also alleged that I was so busy and have no time to maintain the mango tree and bla bla so on. After hearing from both parties, Tok Penghulu required more time to discuss the issue together with Ketua Kampung and JKKK.

On Friday, exactly a month after our intense discussion, Tok Penghulu called my neighbour and I to Kompleks Penghulu. Ketua Kampung and JKKK were also there.

Tok Penghulu: pak kudin, we have come to a decision. we are very sorry. the mango tree in front of your house is no longer yours. it is now belong to your neighbour.

Oh! I shocked, couldn't believe it. And, tears dropped down. I cried like a small child. Immediately I saw my Atok and my father. I missed them so much!

Forgive me, Atok! The best mango tree you had planted for our family, now no longer ours…

(sync story ini adalah cerita rekaan/imiginasi yang dilaraskan mengikut/pada isu semasa ini.)

grief--offline--5 days.


yensetapak said...

banyak sabar, dah tak dapat peha, betis pun jadi.

MsPea said...

Maybe it's about a time we need to sharpen our educating skills in how to transform the thick unintelligent idiot into a humble selfless human being.
Another grievous in reality world.
Banyak bersabar...

Anonymous said...

pokok mangga tu sentimental value kan..u have every reason to grieve

Anonymous said...

pak kudin, kami bersama pak kudin. kalau pak kudin nak rebut semula pokok mangga tu, bagi kami notis satu hari in advance.

tajudin said...


terimakasih banyak2.