Saturday, May 10, 2008

Which Is Organic Fruit - You Guess?

Again, on organic food. Yes, we’re planning something, don’t know when, somewhere but don’t know where (at this point of time).

Do you believe in organic foods? Do you believe all licensed/certified organic farms grow/produce their fruits/vege/processed food ethically with true-organic SOP?

Do you believe organic food can deliver best result to your health / body immune system / your skin / your eyes? Do you believe that by consuming organic products we will live longer, say another 10 years?

(Doctor told you, ok TJ, macam ni la, based from the thorough medical check-up using our latest machine and equipment in this hospital (wooo00), the finding is very unfortunate la TJ, you can only live till end of April next year, but surely not 1 April laaa. So, as a doctor with PhD in Food Tech, I suggest you to start eating organic foods. Boleh ah TJ, I will monitor your improvement in 2 months time…)

The confirm-true-organic vege that I may imagine at that the most touching & sad moment is the last two pic (ha ha ha)


ini organik ke?


ini mungkin organik

ini pun mungkin juga


tanam jambu organik - kena banyak sabar


yang ni sangat-jarang orang tanam organik! we are in this business


ini ramai yang tanam secara organik

Ha ha ha -- ye, ye -- yang ini confirm organik!

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