Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cempaka International School

Datin Freida, Chairman/Founder Cempaka Schools, invited to join her to visit the new Cempaka International Girls School/Ladies' College @ Enstek, Sepang (about 5km for Sepang F1 Gate). Construction is underway, expected to complete by July 2009 and first intake of 500 students to move in by September 2009. The complex - school buildings/hostels (hotel, I wud say), gym, equestrian-horse riding track, Olympic-size swimming pool, theatre/cultural hall etc – is on a 35-acre land and costs her RM70-RM100 million. School/Entrance fee? You guess…
Share some photos.

Datin Freida is in bright orange shirt.

Swimming pool. Zoom @ centre -- Masjid Kuarter KLIA - upnorth of the school.Exact location -- click wiki HERE (centre). The surrounding land is actually Bandar Enstek (residential area) owned by Tabung Haji Properties --- ha ha its our money! (ehmm, hope Tabung Haji can give more dividends this year - jual tanah untung apa - i heard TH Properties is selling RM35-RM45 sq ft (bungalow lot)).
5 years ago cuma RM6.50 je...


achit said... of the vice principal (caw Damansara) is ex-sms, batch '86. Org Pt. Jamil. Kalo ada sesapa nak anto anak ke sana ctc lah dia. Fee dia..sndiri mau ingat la..huhuhu

tajudin said...

ye ke?

bagus la tu... fee tak mau komen.