Sunday, January 25, 2009

have you read these books?

My family is currently reading these two books. Ayat-Ayat CINTA (AAC) and LIVE Right for Your TYPE (LRFYT).
AAC is a beautiful Islamic love story/novel written by Habiburrahman El Shirazy -- an Indonesian graduated from Al-Azhar University, Cairo. Today's Mingguan Utusan did cover/comment on this book, read HERE. Hari tu AAC The Movie dah keluar TV3. Best kan?!
On LRFYT, the book written by Dr. Peter J.D'Adamo tells us about the relationships between our blood type and health, and also food intakes and daily diet plan -- what to eat/take what to avoid. The foods we like to eat (most) not necessarily good to our body (based on the blood type A, B, AB & O). Sometimes we prefer to eat ayam goreng tepung ADABI rather than eating daging salai masak lemak cili padi (kononnya nak elak kolestrol). In actual fact, the one that good to our body is daging salai and for that particular blood type, we have to eat more daging and avoid ayam.
This book also explains the signifance between blood >- blood type >- well being >- health problems >- major health issues. It gives simple explanation even if you hate science (mana tau masa kat sekolah dulu ada yang malas nak belajo sains apalagi now being taught in English). The blood contains so many things --- cell (imagine Earth), each cell has chromosome (Country), chromosome fragment (State), gene (City) and DNA (people). Our genetic heritage is actually our biologic HARD DRIVE, embedded with past writings and disk errors -- all stored in our DNA.
According to this book, the gene for ABO blood type is located on the q leg of chromosome number 9 around band 34. So, the address for our blood type gene is 9q34 (siap ada address, ingat apa?). With this blood group - the possibility to have major health problem can be identified/predetermined -- for breast cancer -- your "disk error" is located near band q34 on chromosome 9. So, what to eat and what to avoid??? You have to read on your own (pic below). Reganya berapa TJ? RM49.50 (MPH Bookstore). Baki 50sen derma masuk tabung Palestin ke, masjid ke, moga Allah bagi kita sihat.


Shah Jehan said...

I have not read both books. But the book on relationship between blood type and diet is particularly interesting. For RM49 plus, the book must be worth your money. Keep up the noble habit of reading.

amy said...

ooo sama lah kite, dua2 buku lom baca. ada penyakit skit (malas baca buku). tp bunyi buku tu mcm bagus sekali

tajudin said...

shah jehan. national library sure got free one ha ha ha

tajudin said...

amy. penyakit mesti ada ubat.