Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Be Proactive - DIY Hydroponics, anyone?

(just share experience/knowledge)

i am involved in both hydroponics and fertigation activities/business (actually fertigation is a subset of hydroponics). kos sayur sudah naik! let's try to reduce the daily/monthly burden , we go for hydroponics. be proactive and let's DIY the vege that we eat everyday.

why hydroponics? - (1) easy (2) you can grow almost everything (vege la..not human) (3) practical for city dwellers, apartment/home/bungalow owners (4) cost-effective including efficient nutrient consumption (5) the hydroponics plants grow faster (6) do experience/learn agri skill yourselves - your own way.

hydroponics is damn easy - no soil, plants eat directly from whatever minerals you give (you bagi dia makan ciput, dia bagi you sayur ciput je la...) so jom kita tanam sayur secara hidroponik, ok! (kalau tak setuju, sila ke posting saya yang lain. tq)


what to plant? - as i said, anything - lettuce, cucumber, sawi, melon, tomato, beans (kacang buncis, kacang panjang), peria, petola, spinach, celery, kengkong (kangkong le tu...), daun sup etc.
in short -- grow whatever you like to eat, or if you hate vege, grow whatever your neighbours like most. semua tanaman kontan (short term) boleh ditanam secara hidroponik. ingat - jangan tanam duku dan durian dalam sistem hidroponik...
(ha ha ha, ko ni Din, aku lepuk kang)
ok let's prepare the system (hydroponics) -
(1) you can buy (see items in pic)
(2) you can DIY from used items
(3) you can DIY properly/nicely and look similar to commercial farming.

the above pic is a ready system, not so nice la, but for apartment ok la kot...

used items can replace commercial yellow cups.

or, for "commercial-like" DIY hydroponics system, what you should have :-
(1) the cups (yellow)
(2) 1 unit (or 100 units!!!) 10' or 20' PVC (grey/white). drill hole (to place the yellow cup) for every 6 inches along the 10' or 20' PVC - PVC bulat boleh @ PVC bersegi pun ok.
(3) small water pump (pam akuarium pun ok) + digital timer + blue tank(s).

& drill and fix (see pic below)...(boleh letak di halaman rumah)

if you go for commercial (hydroponics farming), it will be like the pic below.

you may want to apply your genius creativity & invent new thing. if you opt for commercial-like farming with low budget, do it like the one below.

On the minerals/nutrients and seeds, we will discuss in other postings (if time permits) -- (panjang sangat ngomel pun orang boring). All i have to say is these items are readily available (just email me -- Din, i'm interested to have this and that, i want to eat more vege or my neighbours want me to grow kangkung for them.. etc).

The most important thing is that if you think hydroponics is good for you (and neighbours), go do it today.


tzywen said...

i've tried hydroponics before. very easy because you just leave it and it will grow haha the only thing i don't like is needing to purchase the special liquid to put into the water.

tajudin said...

yeah very good. go for commercial.. big scale..

special liquid is nutrient for the plant to grow. you already have the knowledge bro...

Tzy Wen said...

haha i grow for personal consumption only la :P

so how long does it take for the vegy to grow until it's ready for harvesting and selling?

tajudin said...

what type of vege?

ranging from 1 - 8 months. go for short term, fast ROI.