Monday, June 2, 2008

"the smoke is going down"

Quick! Why don't we help Health Ministry on this. Send them the "best images" for cigarettes boxes. I have a few "horror images" for Health Ministry to select (but sorry, still cannot upload here).
The Star

Government puts the squeeze on cigarette makers
KUALA LUMPUR: Cigarettes manufacturers are banned from using words such as “lights”, “ultra lights”, “low tar” or “mild” on their packaging.
Promotion sales of cigarettes are also disallowed and, as such, display of words like “promotion”, “promo”, “discounts” and “limited edition”, are prohibited.
Sale of cigarettes with other items, such as lighters, is also banned.
Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said this following the amendments to the Control of Tobacco Products Regulations 2004, approved by the Cabinet in January.
He said the number of smokers went down by only 2% after the introduction of the Tak Nak campaign in 2004, a situation he described as unsatisfactory.
“This is one of our measures to bring the figure down and we are also looking at other methods, including increasing cigarette prices,” he said after launching the National Celebration of World No Tobacco Day 2008 here yesterday.
Tobacco companies have six months to get rid of old stock that did not meet the new requirements.
“By Dec 1, all cigarette boxes must also carry pictorial health warnings, which will occupy 40% of the front display panel and 60% of the back.
“According to the third National Health and Morbidity Survey (2006), 2.73 million people are smokers, who puff away 33 million sticks daily,” he said, adding that the group spends RM8.59mil daily on the habit.
In George Town, CAP called on the Federal Government to raise the minimum age for buying tobacco products from 18 to 21 in a bid to reduce smoking among teenagers.

Yes, many steps to reduce (new) smokers, increase the price, raise age, campaign, awareness, and the latest as proposed by the Ministry. And for Muslims, the strong fatwa was also issued. Any great impact? As long as they are happy and stay (still) healthy, they don't bother to quit smoking.
I don't smoke. If you don't smoke, don't try. If you smoke, do quit. Smoking may cause health damage not only to you (as smoker) but also to other non-smokers -- your wife, your kids, your friends etc. Do love them, don’t smoke in front of them. Pity the children. We can see some fathers smoke while driving, with his wife, kids and mother and cats -- all in the car. Some even worst -- smoking while carrying/hugging a baby!

And, cigarettes are becoming expensive too.
Cost per pack of 20, I think now reach RM7 or RM8 (sorry, not sure). I have a friend who can “eat” 2 packs a day = RM15 (average), his age now 35, chain smoker since 10 years ago. 330 days (already minus Ramadhan fasting month) x 10 years = 3,300 days x RM10 (average over 10 years) = RM33,000

A friend could save RM33,000.
If I have 10 chain smoking friends = RM330,000

And these 10 chain-smoking friends could actually donate RM330,000 every 10 years (donate to me…don't worry I know la what to do with the money!). How about “donation” from my uncles, my teachers, my lecturers, my big bosses, my brothers (some of them already celebrated 50 years in "smoking industry").
And, how about "donation" from all Malaysians! Based on the above report, we can have RM8.59 million "available fund" for good deeds - everyday!

See the tremendous savings for the nation!

OK friends, jom quit smoking. Appreciate and value your health, your family, people around you and the money.


amy said...

itulah masalahnya, yang sakit kita, yang untung berbillion, orang lain

Anonymous said...

bang kudin, susahlah mau stop hisap. tapi nak stop beli ok jugak..

tajudin said...

> ya sendiri mau ingat.

>> eloklah stop sekarang, jangan tunggu doktor suruh berhenti baru nak berhenti.