Sunday, June 15, 2008

S * I * R

S.I.R @ Subang Parade 14-15 June 2008.

S.I.R = spell-it-right OR "say-it-right" (pronounce). Some can spell perfectly - but cannot pronounce correctly - like this word - correct - they said korek, korek korek... even some say if you could say the word, you could actually spell it...(huh!)

(try this (toys - r - us)!)

Congrats to NST. The effort is commendable.

I like the way the man in the centre posed the questions (words-to-spell) to students. And you know what, the men and old woman beside me also tried their lucks to spell the words (he he he)... but sorry ah brader-brader and auntie -- you're too good to be on stage, i bet..

Congrats to Adik Syazwani, Adik Nabihatun Afiqah, Adik Sharmaine and Adik Anis Nisrina on being selected to represent SIMDE! And, to their (English) teachers too. Be prepared and work incredibly harder for next year's competition.

Remember NST's ad?

The (blue-eyed) blonde (...could be a Russian woman!) >>> ehem ehem, excuse me, can you tell me the nearest stop to the National Monument?

(rumah Cik Maimon...?......)

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