Tuesday, June 10, 2008

reading a LOVE story book!

B2 Stealth Bomber

i like reading postings by Tzy Wen especially on technical / hi-tech aspects (comments). he digs deep inside + the write-ups are easy to understand/follow -- using layman's term -- like reading a fantasy or love story book...
(cewahhh, banyak la hang punya songeh Din..)
on (pics) B2 Stealth Bomber - read here , or on cerita lain, just visit his blog.
my questions -- will RMAF procure B2? how many should we have?
(ehem ehem, commision-free transaction ok!)


Tzy Wen said...

hey thanks man for the mention, I really appreciate it ;)

I doubt we'll be getting any since they're top secret. Giving them away makes the US vulnerable to stealth bombing haha

tajudin said...

> no problem man....
sorry, did you say papa grill or victoria station? (he he)

>> how top is the secret? i think MIG used to be the secret also, but M'sia managed to have (how many?) units.