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best time to TAKE OVER -- when?


Irish probe: Air Canada co-pilot had mental breakdown, flight attendant stepped in
By SHAWN POGATCHNIK , Associated Press
Last update: November 19, 2008 - 3:22 PM
DUBLIN, Ireland - An Air Canada co-pilot having a mental breakdown had to be forcibly removed from the cockpit, restrained and sedated, and a stewardess with flying experience helped the pilot safely make an emergency landing, an Irish investigation concluded Wednesday.
The report by the Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit into an incident in January applauded the decision-making of the pilot and the cockpit skills of the flight attendant, who stepped into the co-pilot's seat for the emergency diversion to Shannon Airport in western Ireland.
None of the 146 passengers or other nine crew members on board the Boeing 767 bound from Toronto to London was injured after the 58-year-old co-pilot had to be removed by attendants and sedated by two doctors on board.

It said the co-pilot was a licensed veteran with more than 6,500 hours' flying time, about half on board Boeing 767s, and had recently passed a medical examination.
But it said the pilot noticed immediately that his co-pilot was not in good professional shape on the day of the flight, arriving late to the cockpit after all the safety checks and paperwork had been completed. He reported that the co-pilot's behavior worsened once they were airborne, and the co-pilot advised him to take a lengthy break for naps and a meal.
As the aircraft reached the middle of the Atlantic, the report said, the co-pilot began talking in a "rambling and disjointed" manner, took another nap, and then refused to buckle his seat belt or observe other safety procedures when he returned to the cockpit.
The pilot concluded that his colleague was now so "belligerent and uncooperative" that he couldn't do his job.

Read here and here >> Air hostess helps land Air Canada plane after co-pilot breaks down

the above is specially for my friends who take airplane as their second home, near to engine -- Tzy Wen, and pilot -- Azrul. Hope MAS / Air Asia stewardess / steward is trained to become a pilot/co-pilot esp. during emergency landing... komen skit bro....

Islam -- Fiqh-as-Sunnah

Fiqh 2.54: An imam may change his place and become a follower
If the regular imam or appointed imam is not present, it is permissible to appoint someone else to perform the duty of imam. If the regular imam appears during the prayers, the substitute imam may move back to the rows and allow the regular imam to take over. Al-Bukhari and Muslim record that Sahl ibn Sa'd said: "The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alehi wasallam went off to take care of the affairs of the tribe of 'Amr ibn 'Auf. The time for salah came and the mu'azhzhin went to Abu Bakr and said: 'Will you lead the people in salah and I shall make the iqamah?' Abu Bakr agreed. [While he was] leading the prayer, the Messenger of Allah appeared and joined the rows. The people clapped [their thighs with their hands] but Abu Bakr would not turn around during the prayer. When most of the people began clapping, he turned and saw the Prophet...[who] pointed to Abu Bakr to stay in his place. Abu Bakr raised his hands and praised Allah because of what the Prophet had told him. Then, Abu Bakr moved back until he joined the rows and the Prophet stepped forward [to lead]. After he had prayed, he went to Abu Bakr and said: O Abu Bakr, what prevented you from staying there when I told you to do so?' Abu Bakr said: 'It is not fit for the son of Abu Quhafah to lead the Prophet in prayer.' Then the Messenger of Allah said: 'Why did I see most of you clapping? If you find something in the prayer you should say subhanallah, for when you say it, it will attract his (i.e. imam's) attention and clapping [thighs with hands] is for the women.'"

Fiqh 2.62: Appointing another to lead the rest of the salah
If the imam must leave during the salah due to some reason, for instance, he remembers that he is in need of making ablution or he loses his ablution during the salah, then he should appoint another to lead the remainder of the prayer.
'Amr ibn Maimun says: "I was standing and there was no one between me and 'Umar, the morning he was killed, except 'Abullah ibn 'Abbas. He had barely pronounced the takbir when he was stabbed and he said: 'The dog has bitten or killed me.' 'Umar bade 'Abdur Rahman ibn 'Auf to lead the salah and he led them in a short prayer." This is related by al-Bukhari.
Abu Razin reports: "'Ali was praying one day when his nose began to bleed. He took a man by the hand and put him in front of the congregation, and he left." This is related by Sa'id ibn Mansur.
Ahmad observes: "If the imam appoints another [it is acceptable] as 'Umar and 'Ali appointed another. If the people pray individually, [it is acceptable] as in the case of Mu'awiyyah when he was stabbed and the people prayed individually and completed their prayers."

Fiqh 2.62 a: When the people dislike their imam
Many hadith have been related which warn against leading a congregation while one is disliked by them. Dislike here relates to one's religious conduct and is based on a valid reason.
Ibn 'Abbas relates that the Prophet said: "Three people's prayers will not rise above their head the length of a hand's span. [They are:] a man who leads a people in salah and they do not like him, a woman who has disobeyed her husband and he is dipleased with her, and two brothers who are estranged." This is related by Ibn Majah. Al-'lraqi says its chain is hasan.
'Abdullah ibn 'Amr relates that the Prophet sallallahu alehi wasallam said: "Allah does not accept prayers from three [types of] people: a man who leads a people and they dislike him, a man who attends the prayers after their time is finished, and a man who re-enslaves his freed slave." This is related by Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah.
Elaborating upon it, at-Tirmizhi says: "It is disliked that a man should lead a people in salah while they dislike him. If the imam is not a wrongdoer, then the sin is upon those who don't like him."

Details read here


Saturday November 22, 2008
Wanita Umno chief comes out with guns blazing
KUALA LUMPUR: Wanita Umno chief Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz fired her first salvo a day after her deputy Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil announced her intention to challenge her in the coming party polls.
Stating that she would defend the wing’s top post, Rafidah poured scorn on Shahrizat for breaking her earlier promise that she would not challenge her.
“She even said, ‘My word is my honour’, which was published in the media. She said she would abide by the advice of the party’s top leaders and that she accepted the (June) transition plan,” said the long-serving Wanita chief.

Details here. Read also HERE and here. Baca juga SINI.

Pilot needs a co-pilot to land the airplane. Imam needs bilal. No.1 needs No.2. Husband needs a wife, vow to stay together & to "run" a family. You may take over at anytime, the time will come. Just be prepared. Anytime!
Remember these Malay proverbs -- (a) berat sama dipikul ringan sama dijinjing (b) ada sampan nak berenang (c) berjalan pelihara kaki bercakap pelihara lidah, and (d) ada tangga nak memanjat tiang (kalau tak faham, go/find Karam Singh Walia & ask for the meanings...oh ye, mana pi Mr. Karam?)


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