Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...what to expect huh?

what do you expect -- when people start talking/debating/showing about the thing between the two legs...
(a) OK (b) too BAD (c) No Choice bro (d) see the leg la...

Axed UM VC says its because she’s a woman
Beh Lih Yi November 17, 2008
Former Universiti Malaya vice-chancellor Rafiah Salim has alleged gender bias by the government towards local academicians amidst the controversy of her not being re-appointed to the post.
The first woman to head a public university in the country, Rafiah’s contract was not renewed recently and she was informed on the decision merely 48 hours before the expiry of her term.
She was appointed in May 2006.
“Just because we are women and we don’t have that thing between the legs so we are not good,” she told Malaysiakini in an one-hour interview today held at her new office at UM.
Former vice-chancellors of UM, the country’s oldest public university, are often granted an office premise to conduct research and development.

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Stern Action For Demonstrating Nude: Selangor CPO
SHAH ALAM, Nov 14 (Bernama) -- Selangor police chief, Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar, today warned firm action will be taken on anyone or any non-governmental organisation (NGO) who stage illegal assemblies."We will take firm action against any NGO that holds a gathering without a permit, what more with nude persons," he said when contacted here Friday.Khalid was commenting on the threat by 'Gerakan Reformis Rakyat Malaysia' (Reformis) that its members would strip in front of Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, which houses the offices of the Menteri Besar and the state executive councillors, to press the state government not to do things that did not benefit the people as reported in the 'Sinar Harian' newspaper Friday.

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Nik Aziz bidas pengkid
KOTA BHARU – Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat semalam mencabar sesiapa yang melawan fatwa yang dikeluarkan Majlis Kebangsaan Fatwa berhubung pengharaman perlakuan wanita menyerupai lelaki atau ‘pengkid’. “Majlis Fatwa keluarkan hukum berlandaskan al-Quran dan hadis. Al-Quran itu datang daripada Allah. Allah yang cipta manusia dan alam. Dia tentukan hukum untuk manusia. “Siapa kita sampai nak lawan dia (Allah). Handal sangatkah kita nak lawan Allah?” katanya kepada pemberita ketika mengulas terdapatnya NGO bukan Islam mempertikaikan keputusan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan yang mengharamkan penampilan wanita menyamai lelaki atau ‘pengkid’. Terdahulu beliau menyempurnakan perasmian pembukaan Restoran London Fish Tales di sini semalam. Menteri Besar Kelantan itu juga memberi peringatan kepada NGO bukan Islam supaya tidak campur tangan terhadap urusan fatwa yang dikeluarkan itu kerana ia dikeluarkan berasaskan al-Quran dan hadis.

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RHisham said...

“Just because we are women and we don’t have that thing between the legs so we are not good"

almost got to make plastic surgery for her. what the heck?

Question 'bout the "things" between man two legs or between woman two legs?
she didn't mention that.

women also got the power lah. don't have to be 'kecoh2'
settle down please.

tajudin said...

yang have power tu, women or WANITA?

RHisham said...

is there any different meaning on those word between "wanita" and "women" Din?

Don't make me dizzy Mr Din.

tajudin said...

relaks... baca blog jangan sampai poning, baca blog kena happy...