Tuesday, April 22, 2008

...errr, sebenor nyeer, kita ni nak buat ke tidak ..mahal bebenor.. !


Revisit at 10.10pm - I remember listening to views/comment made by one top figure politician (very recent @ on TV. He is not No. 1, neither No. 2 nor No. 3 -- I do hope one of you watched this interview too. I’m not posting verbatim here – only the “intention”)

He said if he were to handle one big project which is very viable in the first place but unfortunately, over the years/months the fund is somehow not there/ready and/or something goes wrong (unpredicted), so what he will do is that (either one or take it all!)

a. drag/delay the project – give reason/excuse -- we need to explore or to study further (there is a need for second (and third) thorough study)
b. blame third party (or if any, the fourth, the fifth so on…) for causing some backlog which subsequently delay the whole project. (Here, we need another tactic i.e. kautim management)
c. review priority list (!) – the 1st priority has changed! (ye lah kan, may be due to the weather, the attitude, the public awareness etc)

So, what a coincidence! Learn the skill....


_____News from Bernama___
April 22, 2008 13:05 PM

Second Penang Bridge Delayed Due To Land Issue And Rising Costs
KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the construction of the Second Penang Bridge will be delayed following problems getting the allocated land, the best design and increasing building costs."Several matters have delayed its construction. Firstly in getting the land that had been allocated for building the bridge."Secondly, there is a need to ensure that the given design is the most suitable and also the issue of cost where there may be changes due to increased prices," he told reporters after officiating the Asia-Europe Culture Ministers Meeting here Tuesday.Abdullah said this when asked on why the building of the bridge was being reviewed under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP).Several projects under the 9MP are also being reviewed, he said.The building of the 24-km bridge linking Batu Kawan in Seberang Perai south and Batu Maung on the island has been receiving criticisms from various parties for its delay.The original agreement between UEM Group Bhd and its consortium partner China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) has been extended for nine months to provide more negotiation time for them to reach an agreement that will be same with the original deal.Earlier, UEM had given the guarantee that the building of the Second Penang Bridge will be smooth and completed as scheduled in 2011.The bridge will be the longest in Malaysia and South East Asia once it is completed.Last year, Malaysia and China signed a loan facility worth RM2.7 billion for the building of the bridge. The parties involved were the Government of Malaysia, Exim Bank from China and Bank Pembangunan (Malaysia) Bhd.-- BERNAMA

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