Wednesday, April 9, 2008

tell me - what to do with a 10-acre land?

a friend of mine dropped by last week, urgently required my opinion on any proposal - how to use a 10-acre land - somewhere in Puchong.

Good! Very strategic.

having heard that i told him - you ni dah kira cemerlang silap hari bulan boleh jadi jutawan dah...
10-acre land in Puchong - best location-wise.
He asked me to put something on agriculture - growing plants or/and animals on the said land...( investment-wise?)...
Actually, if you're talking about the best investment on a 10-acre (agri) land - many projects can be considered i.e. tanam pokok gaharu (wow yang ni confirm you jadi jutawan..), ternak kambing/lembu/ayam kampung/ayam hutan/rusa/ikan, tanam melon/rock melon/cili (kontan) etc etc, agroturism or/and combination of all.
But, very crucial - look properly for your total investment, the viability & ROI. If not - your money (he he not my money mahh..) will go down the rain.
--surely i will assist, details for the project to take-off--

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