Saturday, April 26, 2008

kids and cartoons

my son asked me point blank -- can a cat and a dog get married? ….blinked and i tried to be seen “my father knows everything”.

you watch too much Cat-Dog kartun! (I posed a question back to him) if a cat were to marry a dog, do you know what will happen? (--should you have no exact answer, why don't try this tactic huh--). They will quarrel! Yes exactly, they will quarrel everyday and one will be killed! Perrhhh…

i often watch CatDog, Sin Chan, Doreamon and other kids programs, but I don’t give full concentration (ye ke…entah-entah you yang lebih...). We may realize that the kids learn more from the story than the moral behind it. That's why we need to join them watching cartoons (ha ha ha.. don’t forget to tell your wife that you feel deeply regret – can’t join and help her to clean the room(s) or kitchen or toilet or aircond etc etc) time to educate our children…..sit together with them (..your favourite cartoon is on air now..!) -- and try to explain that this is not good, that one is really bad attitude, don’t do that, don’t believe that and don’t imagine you can be Ninja Turtle or Detective Conan!

Like what happened this afternoon, he asked me, where can we get krabbypatties (did I spell it correct?) and krustykrab?

So, Burger King – these should be your new products!

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