Monday, April 14, 2008

New Car On The Blog & Xtra-Expensive Plate Number!

My neighbour just bought a new Honda Civic 1.8. The car, dark gray in colour, costs her rm113k. Nice car! Very nice indeed. but she didn't want to spend money on plate number! nice car should have nice plate number. i suggested, instead of WRE---- she should take WRE57

Some people could spend thousands and millions RM to have nice/extraordinary/weird plate numbers. Mingguan Malaysia, yesterday, higlighted some "don't-know-how-to-spend" millionaires bidding for these numbers i.e (here in Malaysia!) TANx, JJJx, CCCx, NAB1, PU3 and MAF14
Kat luaq negara lagi dahsyat! One Jutawan Arab - Saeed Al-Khouri - spent RM45.8 million just nak dapat plate 1. His cousin - Talal Ali Muhammad Khouri - also paid handsomely (RM22 million) to get plate 5. Plate rebutan yang lain ialah M1, VIP1, 51NGH, K1NGS & CS1.
Ah ha! To all millionaires out there - esp. to my brothers above - (and if you read this message @ someone else conveys this message to you!) on top of paying that much for your plate number, why don't bank-in a-lil-bit to my bank account! I will certainly spend the money properly with more benefits to others! And, May God Bless Us Together!

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