Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Update: Thursday 24, 6.25pm

The surgery has been put on hold. The doctor’s final check prior to the surgery had found positive improvement to his hernia. It means his current condition is OK without surgery.

I know he made a few visits to our village “doctor” (ha ha dukun le…..tukang urut!). But I’m not so sure whether this doctor’s deep massage therapy has helped him “back to normal”.
If yes, let’s visit the nearest tukang urut and do overhaul to our body….
Tomorrow, my elder brother will go in for hernia surgery at Hospital Pakar Muar. I pray all will go fine and hope you too, to join me.

At first, I don’t have any knowledge about hernia, but based on the conversation with him (after his frequent consultations with specialist/doctor) it seems that hernia can occur to all, male and female & also to kids (with the ratio 9 (male) to 1). Among factors that contribute to hernia include family history (hereditary -- aaahhh), premature birth (born too soon – sooner than normal/expected), job/occupation (due to long standing and/or heavy physical work), chronic cough (due to smoking) and chronic constipation, and excess weight.

Insya-Allah, will help my family and children to reduce hernia’s contributing factors, except that we can’t undo history...


Anonymous said...

kudin, kirim salam kat abang kau...semoga dia cepat sihat

orang nogori (upm)

azman salleh said...

greng... my bos ada buat dulu,,sat saja operation.. then ok,, termasuk dalam or apa berlaku pada usus?? betul ka??/
moga dia cepat sembuh.. sakit oo kalau tak betulkan