Friday, April 25, 2008

Sooner or Later

today is my 3rd Friday as blogger.

as we are aware, our daily life brings us closer to our end - that is our death. it will come after us, anytime at anywhere. our grave, no matter we like it or not, is waiting for us. all will die - no exception. there is no way one can escape - no dispute.

Every soul shall have a taste of death in the end to Us shall you be brought back. Al-Ankabut:57

we are moving to the next phase – alam barzakh / alam akhirat (eternity). and, what awaits us, only Allah knows best. we shall meet our Creator, together with our good deeds -- the ONLY asset we can take with us (shall keep this in mind). let's seek His forgiveness. and, may Allah bestow His mercy and blessings upon all of us.

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