Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't Know Where To Go This Weekend? Jom pi Muar - My Hometown

Brader, wat so special in Muar? ha ha Muar mali tak de special, but the food - really outstanding!

Mee bandung Muar (i wud prefer the one at Tanjung Agas - in front of SMS Muar's main gate >> see photo >>), meee bandunggg kat situ betul2 howliowwww!

Rojak petis Tanjung (at Tanjung, Muar), Asam pedas Pt. Jawa (surely kat Pt. Jawa.. you know ahh..even the Singaporeans drove there just to eat asam pedas wooo..) and Briyani Muar (banyak tempat yang bagus2).

OK la, let me show you how to go to Pt. Jawa to "swallow" asam pedas! See below, Pt. Jawa is located in South-West Muar (map) -- 10-15km from Muar town.

Here, you may choose any gerai (stall), some are still wooden stalls (fisherman village, what do you expect..) some are newly-built like the one in pic. This stall is certified by Jalan-jalan Cari Makan TV3 ( no wonder got TV3 logo there...) You may choose all types of fish and what portion size you prefer. Very very fresh!

And one more thing, kat Muar, you can have breakfast with satay - all types of satay! Satay perut, satay hati, satay babat, satay kambing/rusa/ayam, satay lidah, satay kulit etc etc. Breakfast satay, lunch satay, hi-tea satay, dinner satay - only in MUAR!

OK frens, don't waste time la, just take all your family (..and me) travel to Muar this weekend and enjoy yourselves!

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