Sunday, April 13, 2008

SIMDE's Annual Sports Day - Letih Sikit

This morning, Sekolah Integrasi Masjid Darul Ehsan, Subang Jaya, in short SIMDE, (my children's school) organised its annual sports day, held at MPSJ Sport Complex. This occasion marked an important day in SIMDE's history - its 10th Sports Day event.

As Chairman of Parent-Teachers Association (PTA), i must congratulate and thanked all - i.e. Sports Day committe members, teachers, PTA committee members, parents and volunteers (kaum ibu dan kaum bapa) - for their utmost support and to make the event successful. Let's continue to unite and strive even harder for the benefits of SIMDE and our children.
See some actions captured!

To know and to love SIMDE,
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