Friday, April 18, 2008

The Most Powerful DOA

Today is my 2nd Friday in blogging.

for those who still have a mother, do something good today. if she is bedside you (--you stay together la--) kiss and hug her today. and, actually you must kiss and hug her everyday! if she is not bedside you, just give her a call, it's just a phone call away anyway... get her blessing -- our mother has a great blessing in our life..

reminds me of my mom too.

Sabda Nabi s.a.w.

"Tiga doa yang paling mustajab dan tiada keraguan lagi baginya iaitu doa orang yang dianiaya, doa orang yang musafir atau dalam perjalanan, dan doa ibubapa ke atas anaknya" (Riwayat At-Tirmizi)

go get your mother now.....

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