Monday, April 21, 2008

...PM-in-waiting is from Muar!

updateresponse to emails sent direct to my mailbox on jom pi Muar. tq all.

Journey hours KL - Pt. Jawa, Muar is about 3 hours (normal drive by Kelisa – Limited Edition, even if you drive Porsche Cayenne Turbo too, you can’t reach Pt. Jawa by 1 hour – you know la Muar trunk road -- bumpy, many holes, got cow/chicken/cat crossing road everywhere….bicyle/trishaw some more).
Perodua Kelisa - Limited Edition

Business hours – (if not mistaken) 24 hours (alternately open by the stalls' owners). Fish to suggest – Pari, Jenahak, Ikan Merah and Sembilang laut – these are all fresh and good for asam pedas. Price range – very reasonable (what more if you are on company’s entertainment claim!...hello fren, when is our next trip…). SMS stands for Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar (Tanjung Agas).

on record, we have so many personalities from Muar who very proud of this town i.e Tun Datuk Dr.Hj Awang Hassan, ulama-ulama and tokoh-tokoh agama, Nash & Lefthanded, Nana, Ramlah Ram etc and not to forget - Parameswara, Sultan Mansur Shah & Sultan Ali!....

(btw, Nash & Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar-the astronaut (x-MRSM Muar), if you read this BLOG, pls write something (very good about Muar..) ok!)

and just for info (before I wrap up this topic) Muar is actually the land of Johor MBs (Mentri Besar - present and past) and the land of Malaysia’s PM-in-waiting (don't know when but wait and see..)


OOD said...

Macamana nak turun Muar ni? Benteng sungai rm1.3mill roboh? :O

Anonymous said...

Hari selasa lepas kawan ke Parit Jawa pekena asam pedas Pak Yahya...

s2tmr02 said...

jangan lupa singgah di Medan Ikan Bakar Sabak Awor

tajudin said...


saya tidak pernah ke sana, kalau ada gambo2 menarik, email kepada saya, saya boleh upload.