Tuesday, April 15, 2008

to organic food true-believers!

Do you believe that by consuming organic food will help you stay healthy and live longerrrrr?

What is organic food? Organic food is food which is produced/prepared naturally, no chemicals, no chemical additives and no chemical pesticide (some say if used, they are carefully controlled).

Organic product is more expensive...he he.. why? it's due to a "demand & supply theory" or may be "good product will cost more".

To me, organic product is expensive because of its quality and susah nak tanam/jaga/pelihara (we really have to compete with insects).

If you are an organic food consumer, please update me - cost of buying, your health status, your believe, sedap ke, tawar je rasa ke etc.

Btw, how to ensure the product you consume is the real organic product? Like halal product, you can see the certified halal logo/sticker whatsoever (itu pun ada yang tipu - but at least we have JAKIM to double check if we want to). I give you two tomatoes (one is organic and the other is fully grown by chemical/pesticide). Tell me which is which!

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Anonymous said...

din, kalau aku bagi ko dua ketul daging lembu, satu dari lembu sembelih, satu lagi dari lembu cucuk leher, tunjuk aku mana daging yang sembelih punya...

pasal ko punya blog ni, congrats bro!