Friday, April 11, 2008

New Masjid SS19 Subang Jaya

So today is Friday, my very first Friday in blogging.

Let me share with you massive construction photos of the new SS19 mosque - Masjid Abu Bakar As-Siddiq, SS19 Subang Jaya.

It took about 1 year to complete. The prayer hall is fully air-cond, spacious, no pillar in the mid of the hall (ha ha you cannot hide from Imam, cannot lean back during khutbah/ceramah etc etc) and very very comfortable. The mosque can easily accomodate not less than a thousand jamaah (during peak i.e. Friday/Hariraya).

Ok, calling all SS19 Muslimin/Muslimat, take this opportunity to mengimarahkan our mosque (prosper your mosque), do come and perform as many solat as possible (especially for Muslimin - solat jamaah & Friday prayer). For record, the Imam is Hj Abas Manan (017-3138225) and Bilal is Ust. Ahmad Salim (019-3656979).
May Allah bless all Muslimin/Muslimat, their neighbours and the residents of SS19 as a whole.

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