Tuesday, April 15, 2008

you want to know the election date? >>>rewind

ok, i know, General Election's fever already gone. You've voted, you've decided. The results already made known, either favourably or unfavourably. You've shown the direction on how the Nation should go. Fly to the sky or down to the drain!

we are now feeling the consequences. hope for the best of all.
something to share, from experience and observation, if you really want to know the election date (you cannot find this in textbook) just look around you (see these photos, share skit je, banyak lagi..).

to (with caution) MP and ADUN, please la, don't do like this to rakyat la. If the budget is there, and if you are the one incharge (persuade, decide, approve, and/or hold the project), please do it immediately la, why must you wait for election time... not so nice la YB...tq ah..

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