Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DSA2008 and AirAsia c*R*a*S*H*

DSA 2008 ended last Thursday. Not many of us had the opportunity to visit due to among others (1) don't know the event - not enough publicity (2) no interest (3) no time (4) no extra money to buy ticket (no free ticket leee bla bla bla...&^%#!@)
Never mind, we're lucky enough to have a friend who keeps everything updated on DSA and defence industry. Below are pic from DSA - click here for more!

Many of us fly with AirAsia. A few of my friends are still attached to AirAsia (stewardess ke?). Some are involved in airline industry while most have moved on (but, keep updating themselves)...we do keep in touch.

Share some pic on AirAsia c-r-a-s-h >>> more story here. Good article, Tzy Wen!

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