Wednesday, October 22, 2008

--- S.I.B ----

Bro/Sis - brainstorm OK.


How much money SIB need? And for what?

...a. What are the start-up/development costs?
...b. What is the projected 3-yr or 5-yr revenue stream?
...c. How much to invest?
...d. Projected expenses for 3-yr or 5-yr?
...e. Sales forecasts for the said period?
And remember, do not over optimistic in projections, try to be realistic esp. in financial projections / use of funds. try to be more objective rather than highlighting personal infatuation / agenda. Memang lah, kalau dah bergembang idea banyak wooo tapi prioritise what we need to do, what actually we have to do, push only what truly important, yang lain-lain kita boleh hold dulu.
Boleh? Boleh, kita boleh punya...

(Note: BERGEMBANG is more powerful than brainstorming session (88x ganda...!))

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