Tuesday, October 21, 2008

..what friends are for?

Good to meet old friends. For any gathering, informal function, raya do/openhouse (even the formal ones too) esp for old-boys or alumni (x-girls?), the matters to discuss are so broad ranging from small/petty issues i.e too bad-i punched him once, why always u-turn, cannot be, eat first la, hate that road, family, grey hair, how’s your job, nice biz card, luckily your wife not here, who burnt your rambut (botak la tu..), wow she/he is now in..., wow she/he is..., cigarettes ups again... moving to heavy subjects –- you got cable ahh, we talk outside, that company/land belongs to that guy (semua that guy punya ka?), how to get 3 million (rm/rupiah/baht/USD) in 3 months, E200 for GRO that BMW for..., cheaper BMW from AP King, some latest updates on politics/lelaki terakhir/pompuan and car car car…. .
And it seems the ladies have no problem discussing those subjects. They too, so eager to see man’s point of view. Views offend no one (he he) -- if they disagree, they just show their smiling faces. Yes true. Even on some sensitive issues on woman/the rights/man too, they may interject/quickly offer (different) perspectives acceptable by all.…
OK. Tzywen’s blog put some comparisons between airplanes-woman, I prefer to change airplanes to CALDINA GT-4…..(Tzywen - hope you don’t mind ahh).
(btw, Toyota CALDINA GT-4 is super wagon sports car – visit Caldina Club Malaysia - here)
...to all, NO OFFEND ye.

CALDINA usually kill you quickly; a woman takes her time.
CALDINA can be turned on by a switch.
CALDINA don't get mad if you do a "touch and go."
CALDINA don't object to a pre-inspection & testdrive.
CALDINA come with a manual to explain their operation.
CALDINA have strict weight and balance limitations.
CALDINA can be driven at any time of the month.
CALDINA don't come with in-laws.
CALDINA don't care about how many other car you've driven before.
CALDINA and driver both arrive at the same time.
CALDINA don't mind if you look at other CALDINA.
CALDINA don't mind if you buy CALDINA magazines.
CALDINA expect to be in the garage.
CALDINA don't comment on your driving skills.
CALDINA don't whine unless something is really wrong.

So my dear friends, having said these, which is your top most preference….? CALDINA or….
What…..? FERRARI? ceh….
...OK geng..jangan marah...friends forever...!!!


Anonymous said...

good one bro.

caldina putih tu ke?

tajudin said...

caldina memang cantik warna putih solid... tak tau la orang lain

Zaky Zakaria said...

Terasa macam ko dah summarize everythinglah...

tajudin said...

he he

Achai said...

he he....bro nie mmg berbakat menulis lah :)

tajudin said...

penulis ciput jalanan je...

Tzy Wen said...

wah, caldina gt4! very powerful car

tajudin said...

bro tzywen, get 1 la, boleh race...